Canada Backs Egypt’s Role in Brokering Gaza Ceasefire

“Canada stands by Israel’s right to defend itself, page by itself. Israel will be forced to continue defending itself as long as Hamas continues with its rocket attacks against civilians” Baird said.

These operations could have been avoided if Hamas had not rejected the Government of Egypt’s ceasefire proposal that Israel and Palestinian Authority had welcomed. This proves that Hamas has no interest in peace and bears responsibility for the further tragic loss of life.

According to Baird, stuff Egypt is best placed country in the region to help end the current hostilities as it had been at the forefront in bringing about regional peace efforts.

Egypt has successfully brokered numerous ceasefire agreements over the years, pilule and its ongoing initiative is the only serious ceasefire proposal on the table.


Bairds remarks comes shortly when UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon yesterday voiced his regret after Israel launched its ground offensive against Gaza, despite calls for restraint.

In a statement issues by his Spokesman, Ban had welcomed the humanitarian pause in Gaza that has been respected by both sides.
This temporary ceasefire, brokered by his Special Coordinator, Robert Serry, allowed civilians in Gaza to resume some daily routines and for repairs to start on essential electrical and water infrastructure.

The pause showed remarkable move to cessation of hostilities as both sides demonstrated will to put the interests of civilians, who have borne the brunt of this escalation, first.

However the continued the highly anticipated discussions in Cairo, led by Egypt to arrive at a sustainable ceasefire is not possible as Israel Resumed bombing Gaza.

“In the past 24 hours, there have been a number of incidents involving the deaths of civilians, including the appalling killing of four boys on a beach in Gaza City,” Ban stated.

It will be crucial to address the underlying factors that have led to the recent escalation, including governance issues, the need to bring Gaza back under one legitimate Palestinian Government adhering to the PLO commitments, the full opening of the legal crossings, and other unimplemented core elements of Security Council Resolution of 1860.

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