City Dwellers React to New KCCA Guidelines

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Among the new laws issued include a law against public smoking and spitting which if found one will pay Shs100, 000, Hooting by drivers with a fine of Shs30, 000, Fighting in taxi parks with a fine of Shs50, 000 and Shouting for passengers with a fine of Shs30, 000 and so many others but Chimpreports has for now picked interest in these ones hence interviewing taxi drivers and street vendors.

Down to the Old taxi park, drivers seem to be appreciative to the introduction of a fine against smoking in public but scoffed at the regulations against hooting, and calling on of passengers.

“The guideline on public smoking despite the Anti- Tobacco bill has been long overdue and it should be implemented immediately to save several Ugandans from the dangers of passive smoking,” noted one taxi driver.

He added that indeed when someone smoking next to you feels uncomfortable and is unhealthy, adding that KCCA should be given credit for such a good initiative.


Another driver revealed that there are several people with a habit of spitting anywhere and this had led to the increased transfer of air-borne diseases from one person to another.

“I believe once culprits are manhandled and forced to pay a reasonable fine, the habit will cease from becoming normal as it was tending to.”

They however condemned the City Authority’s move to harden their operations by barring them from hooting and calling on passengers to their destinations.

“Now tell me, how will someone standing by the road side know the destination of the taxi passing-by if they don’t want us to call on passengers?,” noted a driver working on Ntinda stage in the old taxi park.

“We are ready to hassle with these new guidelines; KCCA just come up with their new regulations without even first consulting us, we are not ready to abandon our business, this is a business where we have to call-on passengers to their destinations.”

They however agreed that fining whoever fights within the taxi park is a good idea and should be implemented so as to bring sanity within the park.

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