The Amazing Experience on a Bicycle Boda boda

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After a good negotiation of the transport fare, physician I jumped on to the bicycle just waiting to enjoy the experience within town beside the experience I had while in the village.

The ride seemed to be interesting as we went on jazzing with the rider one, Bashir Digombye who happens to be proud of his job transporting people to different destinations.

For your first, time trust me, you will not be all that comfortable as you witness and feel the rider negotiating several corners and dodging both speeding taxis and motorcycles.

The Boda bicycle seems not to be regulated by traffic rules and regulations because you may think the rider will stop when traffic lights indicates red but this isn’t the case as they just continue to find their way through the crossing traffic.


Unlike other means of transport that uses an engine to enhance momentum, the boda bicycle depends on the man power of the rider.

On either sides you witness and wonder how small and thin riders manage to carry big and fat men and women but all is done for the sake of earning a living.

Digombye says, “It is easier to carry people than carrying luggage because people easily help in maintaining balance; the side on which you peddle, you ralise that’s the side a passenger bends, unlike a luggage that might end up falling off.”

Is this business worth investing in? Digombye says on a lucky day, he takes home Shs20, 000 as his savings having catered for his breakfast, lunch and super.

“I used to hawk ‘Mandazi’ (doughnuts) before and at that time was somebody’s employee but ever since I got my own bicycle, life has indeed changed.”

I have managed to secure a rented house and now have a wife to take care of, A TV set and other electronics that had long admired to own are now in my home for me to utilize them any time I feel like. This gives m joy.

Did I say that bicycle ridders are never bothered with traffic officers, indeed with only one time capital, these riders have no worry of paying any traffic fines unless they have caused an accident.

Digombye however noted that a few challenges are experienced within the job which include being attacked by thieves and having your bicycle impounded by authorities for parking in a wrong place.

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