Brenda Nambi Blasts Vision Group over Luswata

It all started last week when the talkative Luswata, drug http://clermontraces.com/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-list-table.php on her show allegedly claimed that Brenda was having a sexual affair with fellow singer, http://crownheights.info/wp-content/plugins/wp-to-twitter/freemius/require.php Pallaso and that she had also joined ‘Team No sleep’.

This did not go down well with Brenda as she turned her anger to Facebook posting that Luswata ‘should get a life and stop trying to get popular by telling lies about others’.

When ChimpLyf caught up with Brenda over the matter, http://daa.asn.au/wp-includes/load.php she noted that she was surprised how a news group of companies with the experience and reputation of Vision Group would allow an ‘amateur’ like Luswata to keep on peddling false speculation all in the name of gossip on their national television channel.

“I don’t blame Luswata; she is a worker just like any other who wants to please her employers by attracting more viewers, she probably knows nothing about professional journalism standards; but I have a problem with a Station manager, Production Manager who slots such a program as hers, well knowing that it’s content does not conform to the minimum standards,” an agitated Nambi remarked.

Nambi also noted that the issue is bound to escalate as several other platforms of the group including the New Vision have promoted ‘this kind of professional malpractice’ by branding Luswata a ‘gossip queen’ which reaffirms that they are in agreement with what she is doing despite the numerous complaints raised by several celebrities adding, “They have no idea what this is doing to their reputation.”


When asked if she was considering taking any legal actions against any one, Nambi asserted that she has no time for Luswata, but advised that she should check her heart and change, otherwise “one of these days, she might receive a very good beating.”

“If they want to market their channel, they should do so through genuine means and not through fleecing viewers by reporting inaccurate information,” Brenda concluded.

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