South Sudan

SPLA Commandos Storm Renegade Gen Gatkuoth Base

viagra 40mg geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 150%;”>‘Operation Thunderbolt’, commanded by the SPLA Brig. General Peter Wiyual Khor, attacked the Headquarters of renegade Garhoth Gatkuoth at dawn on Thursday.

Officials told Chimpreports that ‘Operation Thunderbolt’ is the latest “military reaction to the repeated violations of the ceasefire agreement by the renegade Garhoth Gatkuoth, who has been shelling Nasir town for the last three days.”

IGAD officials accuse renegade Garhoth Gatkuoth for violating the ceasefire agreement many times.

“On June, 3rd, he attacked a plane carrying IGAD Verification and Monitoring Team while it was landing in Nasir. In the same morning, he launched an assault that was repulsed by the SPLA forces in front of IGAD Monitors,” said a source.

For the last three days, Gatkuoth has been shelling Nasir town from across the Sobat River.


The SPLA Commanding officer, Brig. Gen. Peter Wiyual Khor, appealed to IGAD Verification and Monitoring Team in Nasir to stop Garhoth Gatkuoth from violating the ceasefire agreement signed in Addis Ababa between President Kiir and rebel Riek Machar.

This website can reveal that IGAD Monitors called Garhoth Gatkuoth on Wednesday to advise him to observe the ceasefire Agreement.

However, the rebel movement’s top military commander rejected the call of IGAD’s Monitoring Team, saying he is not bound by the ceasefire agreement signed in Addis Ababa.

Having abandoned the SPLA, Gatkuoth told a press conference that he would soon launch several military strikes to topple President Kiir despite the Ethiopia peace deal.

It is understood that after exhausting all avenues, the IGAD Monitors in Nasir advised the SPLA forces to defend themselves from Gatkuoth.

As a result, the SPLA Commandos attacked his Headquarters at Jingmiir and Mandeng Boma where his forces stayed.

The SPLA Special forces captured both areas and inflicted heavy casualties on the rebels in the surprise attack.

Gatkuoth is said to have narrowly escaped the onslaught. Three of his bodyguards and five wounded rebels were captured alive.

“In both Jingmiir and Mandeng, the SPLA Commandos captured 128 AK-47s, 4 RPGs and 10 PKM rifles. His assistant, Duer Tut Duir, who was in Mandeng Boma, ran to Ethiopian border. However, his briefcase containing documents was captured. Brig. Gen. Peter Wiyual Khor will hand over the documents to government of South Sudan for further inspection,” the source added.

Fighting in South Sudan has uprooted thousands of lives and pushed the country to the brink of a hunger catastrophe.

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