Zari Opens up About her Dream Relationship

cialis 40mg geneva;”>Zari who recently ended her decade long marriage to ‘loaded’ South African based business man and father of her kids, Ivan Semwanga to hook up city dude, Farouk Sempala opened up about her ideal relationship recently in a Facebook post.

“I want a type of a relationship with no gender roles; we both hustle, both cook, both clean, both pay bills, both enjoy romance and sex and spoil each other; sugar coating things makes people feel good, but it also gives them false hope,” wrote the boss lady.

Zari is not only well known for her fancy life style but also for her hardworking character, continuously attacking women who ‘solely depend on their men’s money’.

Perharps this explains why the stunningly beautiful Zari has dated several men but seems to be still looking for the ideal love of her life.

The million dollar question is whether Farouk will pass this test. Only Time will surely tell.

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