Makerere: Opposition Mount Pressure on Prof Ddumba To Resign

cheapest geneva;”>While addressing journalists Tuesday at the Party Headquarters at City House in Kampala, the party Presidential Press Secretary, Fred Mwesigwa demanded that Parliament intervenes and handles the matter as an issue of public interest to avoid any further demonstrations and strikes at the campus.

On Monday afternoon, Police was involved in running battles with Makerere University students who were rioting over a decision to hike tuition fees by the administration and scrapping of meals for government-sponsored students.

According to students, the University Vice Chancellor, Prof. Ddumba Ssentamu has turned a blind eye towards their demands and they are therefore demanding that he resigns.

Mwesigwa noted that the decision to increase the tuition by 10 percent is inconsiderate of the poor students who hail from poor families, adding, Parliament must save the poor citizens.

“Most of you Parliamentarians were freely educated during Obote’s and Amin’s regimes so you should not just pay a deaf ear as University education is increasingly becoming difficult for the poor to afford,” Mwesigwa warned.


He further blamed Prof. Ddumba-Ssentamu for the poor policies that have been introduced at the University, “reaching an extent of failing to feed the students”.

However, Prof Ddumba argued that he is only implementing decisions of the University Council.

He further explained that meals would be reintroduced in Halls of Residence but that the 10 percent increment in tuition would only affect new students being admitted to the campus.

“The country is so much disappointed with the Vice Chancellor for such a poor decision; this should not have come from a person who has been within the University for a number of years.”

Mwesigwa further demanded for proper accountability for the monies paid by private students.

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