French Companies’ Investments in Uganda Hit 6.2 Trillion

this site sick geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 150%;”>He made the call Monday evening at the French Embassy, more about information pills in Nakasero, cialis 40mg Kampala during celebrations marking the 225th anniversary of the French national Day.

“The French and European companies should have been the first ones to invest in Africa because they are near. There is a strong linkage between the African continent and Europe because of the European languages that are widely used,” said Museveni.

He invited more French and European companies to invest in Africa and Uganda in particular.

President Museveni said that today we have the opportunity to solve the past mistakes. He said that trade would create good relations on the international scene.

He observed that entrepreneurs and consumers are the kings of the modern world. He reminded the guests that Uganda today has got a shortage of manufacturers adding that the Europeans need to come and tap into the abundant resources.


He noted that if there is a shortage of consumers the economy will run into problems. He was pleased to note that consumption was expanding in Africa. He said that there was room for it to expand further if our people were employed.

President Museveni revealed that Tourism was important for Uganda and Africa at large. He urged the Europeans to come here and utilize the facilities available in the sector.

He warned people not to impose their taboos on others. He observed that there was a lot of chaos in the world due to intolerance. He said that the act of being arrogant creates terrorism.

The President observed that Uganda and Europe have a common interest to combat terrorism.

He congratulated the French upon their revolution and observed that the revolution was a human achievement to get rid of chauvinism. He said that after 1789 the human race became freer than ever.

He said African troops had participated in the first and second World Wars. He added that the East African troops also participated in the wars. He informed the guests that there were two Divisions in Burma fighting the Japanese troops.

He proposed a toast to the health of Ambassador Makame and the French nationals.

The French Ambassador to Uganda, H.E. Sophie Makame saluted the President for blessing the ceremony. She said that in 1914 and 1940 Africans sacrificed their blood to liberate France. She said that Uganda has demonstrated its capability to ensure peace particularly in Somalia and Central Africa.

She was impressed to note that Uganda has spearheaded the peace operations in Africa. She revealed that French companies have investments worth US $ 2.5 billion (Shs6.2 tn) in Uganda.

Makame said that the leaders among these were Total, Lafarge and Alcatel. She noted that Uganda has initiated an ambitious democratic model. She proposed a toast to the health of President Museveni and the people of Uganda.

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