Uganda’s Most Powerful Children

We are unfortunately not talking about powerful old people who act like small children, viagra sale so we regret to tell you that you will not be finding Anne Kansiime on this list.

Ladies and gentlemen brace yourselves and behold; Uganda’s most powerful kids.

1. 1. Phiona Mutesi

No 1. Phiona Mutesi

When did you last hear a child say, “I am not certain when I was born?” Well if you have ever, you are certainly very old yourself.


However Phiona is not certain when she was born just because she was born in a very poor, illiterate family hardly hit by HIV and AIDS in the slums of Katwe that they did not make any formal record of the year, leave alone the month she was born.

Phionah, who is estimated to be around seventeen years now, lost her father to AIDS at a very tender age and her mother could not afford to pay for her education.

To find a means of survival, she went to a Christian Charity which was offering Porridge to kids who could play some sports. And to be clear, she confesses that she went for the porridge and not the sports.

Just like the darkest night also turns into day, Phona is now known across the globe as a queen of Chess.

She has drawn with former World Grand Master, Gary Kasparov and has beaten the world’s richest man, Bill Gates to bits in the game of Chess.

Disney also announced that they are planning to make a movie about Phiona.

2. 2. ‘Sitya Loss’ kids

These gained their fame recently when an amateur video in which they featured dancing to local musician, Eddie Kenzo Musuuza’s ‘Jambole’ went viral on the internet, prompting the Daily Mail, UK to feature them in a very popular story.

The group of Kids had earlier appeared in Eddie Kenzo’s hit video, ‘Sitya Loss’ in which they displayed a spectacular cocktail of dance moves.

Ever since the Daily Mail story, the kids have been invited to several powerful international TV shows including the Ellen DeGeneres show in the US.

3. 3. Princess Katrina Ssangalyambogo

Princess Katrina is No. 3

The 13 year old is a daughter to King of Buganda, Ronald Mutebi and Queen Sylivia Nagginda and was born on 4th of July, 2001 in London, United Kingdom.

She is a member of the seals swimming club where she has won dozens of medals both locally and internationally.

Katrina is also a leader in the fight against HIV and AIDS and heads various projects to that cause.

Those close to the much loved Princess say that she is kind-hearted and down to earth with amazing oratory skills both in English and Luganda though she sometimes feels uncomfortable when all her friends treat her just as princess.

4. 4. Zack Mukisa

Zack Mukisa is No. 4

At 12 years, Zach a.k.a Young Zee has accomplished what thousands of Ugandan musicians have failed to accomplished.

The aspiring teenager who is signed at Swangs Avenue writes his own music which is so entertaining and mature that it amazes a cross-section of ages.

Young zee has performed at numerous concerts and functions around the world and his songs have been played on international channels like MTV Base and Channel O.

5. 5. Yvone Namaganda (late)

Some candles burn out but their legends last forever, Yvonne was among the 19 Children that perished in the fire that gutted Nassolo dormitory at Buddo Junior School on 14th April, 2008.

When the fire started, Yvone, 10 was the first person to rush out, but knowing that her friends were still in the burning building, she went back in to rescue them.

She salvaged several at a time, who live on up to now but as the fire grew wilder, she suffocated and was burned to death inside the building together with 18 others who were still inside.

Yvone was declared a National Heroine on the Heroes’ Day of 2012 and a Non Governmental Organisation, Yvone Namaganda Leadership Program to empower girls founded after her.

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