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Bushenyi Couple Found Hanging On Rope in Bathroom

The Sudan Council of Churches criticises the authorities for banning the construction of new churches in the mainly Muslim country.

viagra 60mg geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 150%;”>Greater Bushenyi regional Police spokesperson Martial Tumusiime identified the dead as Sebastian Ndyabahika, 31, an electrician and his wife Meria Tusasirwe also 31 years, a worker at Igara Tea Growers Factory, whose two bodies were found hanging in the bathroom and police suspects that the two could have been murdered.

It is said Ndyanabo had married a second wife who as well stayed in the same house with her co-wife, Rose Asiimwe who later reported herself to police for fear of being victimized or suspected of playing part in the murder.

It is alleged by residents that Sebastian has been a habitual drunkard.

He would at times beat up Meria.


The Bushenyi District Officer in charge of Criminal Investigations, Peter Tindyebwa commanded a team that inspected the scene amidst fears that the real truth would never be known since the region lacks scenes of crime experts but a post-mortem was carried out and thereafter police left residents to continue with burial arrangements.

People react

Wilson Bancwenyima, Meria’s father: My daughter earlier this month called and informed me that the husband’s conduct was the worst but I came in and settled their differences. I was shocked to see this misfortune happening to my daughter.”

Margaret Baadi, LC1 Chairperson: I have seen the couple live in harmony for a few years even when the second wife came in. I have not received any case against any of the two and it is a shock that these people have gone in such a way.

Leo Tibamanya, Sebastian’s elder brother: Sebastian has been living harmoniously with his two wives to an extent of sleeping on one bed. We are all confused because we did not hear of any fight between them.

Irene Bashemeire, Meria’s closest friend: “Meria has always told me about continuous threats from her husband. I think Sebastian fulfilled what he has all along promised to do because he has been threatening to kill Meria.”

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