Gaza Bloodshed: Canada Defends Israel Strikes

price geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 150%;”>Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird Monday said in a statement seen by Chimpreports that Israel is giving its all to avoid civilian deaths but that Hamas continues to use people as human shields for their weaponry.

erectile geneva;”>

viagra 60mg geneva;”>“Canada rejects UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay’s uncalled-for criticism of Israel’s response to rocket attacks from Gaza. Focusing her comments on Israel is neither helpful nor reflective of the reality of this crisis,” said Baird.

The Canadian Premier further stressed, “There must be no moral equivalence between Hamas, a listed terrorist organization, and its blatant disregard for human life, and the liberal democratic State of Israel’s duty and obligation to defend its people from cowardly and indiscriminate attacks.”

He said Canada mourns the death and suffering of innocent civilians in Gaza but that responsibility rests solely with Hamas and its allies, who launched and continue to feed this crisis.”

Hundreds of Palestinians including children and women have been killed by Israel’s surgical strikes which Tel Aviv says is aimed at dismantling Hamas’ infrastructure used to launch attacks on Israel territory.


Baird said Monday the Israel Defense Forces have taken “extraordinary steps to reduce civilian casualties in very difficult and trying conditions.

“Israel should be commended—not criticized—for these efforts in the face of an enemy clearly determined to put civilians, from both sides, in mortal danger to suit its own purposes. Canada calls on Hamas and other militant groups to end the rocket attacks on Israel and bring an end to the ongoing violence that threatens the lives of innocent Israelis and Palestinians. The path chosen by Hamas and its allies does not lead to peace,” he added.

IDF said in a statement Monday that Hamas has embedded its military infrastructure within the densely packed civilian areas of the Gaza Strip.

“The terrorist group has done this with the full knowledge that it endangers their civilians. In order to limit civilian casualties, the IDF uses precision attacks on Hamas’ terror sites.”

Throughout the carrying out of Operation Protective Edge, the IDF said it has made extensive use of tactics to avoid civilian casualties in the Gaza Strip and as the operation progresses, the IDF is gathering more evidence that Hamas takes advantage of the densely populated Gaza Strip and civilian population to protect themselves.

“In a prime example of the IDF’s precision abilities, an airstrike was carried out on a car carrying three senior terrorists of Palestinian Islamic Jihad. The car is targeted perfectly, the surrounding area unharmed.”


UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Sunday voiced alarm that, despite the Security Council’s clear demand for a ceasefire, the situation in and around the Gaza Strip appears to be worsening, with grave implications for the safety of both Israeli and Palestinian civilians.

“He strongly believes that it is in the interest of both sides that steps toward dangerous escalation be replaced with immediate measures to end the fighting, thus preventing further casualties and greater risks to regional peace and security,” said a statement issued by Mr. Ban’s spokesperson.

“He demands both sides move in this direction now.”

The statement went on to note that Hamas’ indiscriminate firing of rockets against Israeli civilian targets is a violation of international law.

“The Secretary-General, abhorring the images of Israeli families hovering in shelters in fear for their children’s safety, repeats his condemnation of Palestinian rockets fired from Gaza and demands an immediate cessation of these indecent attacks,” it stated.

“The Secretary-General is also deeply worried about the impact on Palestinian families of Israeli military action,” the statement said, adding that he feels “a sense of responsibility” for the Palestinians who, especially in the Gaza Strip, have long been denied the sense of freedom and dignity that they deserve.

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