Uganda Beverage Industry Witnesses Growth

“High levels of quality and consistency are the keys to success in the beverage industry, unhealthy ” said Andrews Ruben, medical Managing Director of Hariss International Ltd. adding that, about it Sidel’s extensive knowledge and support on bottles, preform designing and optimization will allow the allowed meets its set product quality and to stand out as lead player in the Ugandan beverage market.

Harris international products deemed with a commitment to quenching Ugandan thirst with quality and affordable soft drinks, will roll out the two products by the November 2014 and January 2015 respectively.

A projection the company believes is likely to reduce on the cost of production as the markets widens.

The new PET lines will come with a complete set of Combi14 machine, Star blend mixers, Alfa roll fed labeling, GeboCermex packers, Twin Pack handle applicators, GeboCermex bottle conveyors, accumulation tables, and bottle aligners.


Previously, Sidel has designed four different preform shapes for Hariss International Limited like the injection machines, in addition to creating unique bottle designs which have differentiated the company’s brand.

“Harris International Ltd business relation with Sidel due to their extensive history and experience in bottle design alignment and optimization set to make the company champion the highly monopolistic market with only a handful of players in the last two years.

Incorporated in 2005 under Riham, Harris international employs over 1,500 Ugandans in the various sectors including biscuits, mineral water, CSDs and still products besides non-alcoholic malt drinks and packed fruit juices.

“As one of the leading companies in liquid packaging solutions, we are proud to assist Hariss International Ltd with their expansion in production,” said Georgios Diakakis, Regional Commercial Manager at Sidel. Considering, 31 percent increase in the consumption of soft drinks in Uganda since 2008, Diakakis said there was a realized need for expansion with the the ability of delivering the necessary means for their partner to cope with the increasing demand.

The outlook for the beverage market in Uganda is positive and poised to grow further as the consumption rate of soft drink hit a record mark of 199.6 million liters in 2013, a figure representing 6.6 percent growth from the previous year. It affirmed to the robust growth in both volume and value for all categories in the soft drink market.

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