Busoga Petition Parliament over 'Dilapidated' Bugiri Hospital

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for sale geneva; font-size: small;”>While handing in the petition, mind the group said that they are concerned about the long period for which Government has neglected the hospital which serves several districts including Namutamba, order Bugiri, some parts of Jinja, Kamuli and other neibouring areas in eastern part of Uganda.

Presenting the petition to Parliament, the Vice President of the association, Helen Namutamba said that since 1969, Bugiri hospital has never got any renovation yet it caters for more than 110,000 in and outpatients annually.

“Services like running water in toilets, wards, theaters and other facilities in the hospital ceased working almost five years ago and at night, sometimes health workers use torches to work on delivering mothers,” Noted Namutumba.

The petition which was signed by more than 2000 Basoga from within Uganda and the diaspora asserts that health services in the region need to be prioritised.


The hospital was initially planned to work on not more than 50,000 patients annually but currently because of the population pressure it reportedly caters for more than 110’000 patients.

While receiving the petition on behalf the Speaker of Parliament, Dr. Chris Baryomunsi said that they are to present it to the health committee which will later summon the Minister of Health to give a detailed report on why the Hospital’s renovation missed out in the 2014- 2015 National Budget.

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