Museveni, Ntagali Join Muslims to Break Ramadhan Fast

about it dosage geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 150%;”>He paid the tribute Friday at State House, unhealthy Entebbe when he hosted the Muslims to the annual Futari, ailment breaking of the fast.

The ceremony drew a cross section of personalities including the Arch Bishop of the Church of Uganda Ntagali and a leader of the Pentecostal Churches, Pastor Lwere.

“The Africans must wake up and establish dominion over nature according to the holy books, the Bible and the Koran,” the President said.

He said that man must strive to control floods, pests and diseases as part of the means to improve his life. He stressed that people should benefit and lead good lives by working hard.

President Museveni revealed that the NRM Government was preparing to launch a massive campaign to ensure that all the homes in the rural areas engage in commercial agriculture.


He urged the Sheiks and other Muslim leaders to assist the Government in its efforts to promote house hold income with the target of eradicating poverty.

He assured the gathering that the Government would provide people facilities to enable them promote their agricultural ventures.

President also said that Government has resolved to deploy UPDF Officers in all constituencies as part of its strategy to boost agro production in the country.

He disclosed that during the past 6 months 11 million coffee seedlings and 200 million tea seedlings were distributed under the supervision of UPDF Officers.

He said that the Officers have demonstrated that a lot can be achieved in promoting agriculture contrary to the services delivered by NAADS which spent over Sh 200 billion without tangible results.

He explained that in at least 65 Districts in the country, people can cultivate one acre of coffee, fruits, bananas and another one of elephant grass for rearing cows. He suggested that the people be guided into rearing of layer hens.


He was pleased to note that Wananchi were beginning to wake up and improve their welfare.

President Museveni told the guests that Uganda does not need aid from anyone. He said that we only need trade.

He reiterated the need for people to be tolerant and that through tolerance people will be able to record progress. He observed that African tribes were different but tolerant. He said that this practice enabled them to live in harmony.

He was pleased to note that in Uganda we are not part of the chaos going on in the Middle East.

He expressed his pleasure to witness the presence of the Arch-Bishop of the Church of Uganda at the futari.

Turning to global events, President Museveni said that people were refugees because of the confusion partly caused by lack of tolerance.

He congratulated upon the Muslim Community for the month of Ramadhan.

The Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Jacob L. Oulanyah said the Ugandan legislature has refused to make religion a weapon. He said that they refused to pass laws that limit the people from practicing the faith of their choice. Rt. Hon. Oulanyah said that Uganda had proved to be ungovernable between 1962 and 1986.

He saluted President Museveni for finding a solution to the chaos that prevailed prior to 1986. He said that President Museveni has proved that one person can govern the country for a long time.

The Deputy Speaker of Parliament urged President Museveni to continue leading the country as long as he is available. He thanked God for giving us a leader who has ensured peace.

The Mufti, Sheikh Shaban Mubaje saluted President Museveni and the First Lady Mama Janet Museveni for bringing them together every year.

He thanked him for continuing to support the Islamic University in Uganda and for efforts to ensure the unity of Muslims in Uganda. He prayed to God to guide the President and thanked him for enabling the anti- Homosexuality bill.

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