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EXCLUSIVE: UN, Uganda Clash Over ADF

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viagra http://ccrail.com/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-ms-sites-list-table.php geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 150%;”>Uganda expressed shock that despite being handed crucial information, medicine http://closdescapucins.fr/wp-includes/bookmark.php the “UN GoE on DRC doubts the fact that ADF has trained some of its fighters in the fabrication and use of IEDs and that there are links between ADF and Al Shabaab (Al Qaeda affiliate organisation).”

Kampala’s frustrations with UN were communicated in a letter dated May 27 by John L Mugerwa, Charge d’Affaires at Uganda’s Mission to United Nations in New York, United States, to Daniel Fahey, the Coordinator, Group of Experts (GoE) on DRC.

Government said previous reports by the UN especially that of January 14, the GoE acknowledged the presence of foreign Arab speaking men conducting military training courses and operations within ADF camps in Eastern DRC.

Yet, said government, “the GoE surprisingly avoids drawing a nexus between the foreigners and the Al Shabaab/Al Qaeda.”


The latest development has blown the lid off the silent diplomatic standoff between Uganda and United Nations on the operations of the Islamist movement whose main objective is to overthrow President Museveni’s government and install their commander, Jamil Mukulu as the country’s Supreme leader.

Insiders tell Chimpreports that drawing a nexus between ADF and Al Qaeda would enable Uganda tap into international resources to fully mobilise forces to deal a final blow to the insurgents.

“If UN proves that ADF deals with Al Qaeda as we have demonstrated to them, it would give us an edge in piling pressure on international groups such as MONUSCO and DRC government to do more on this rebel group but we don’t understand the logic of GoE experts,” said a source who preferred anonymity so as to speak freely.

The Uganda government wondered by the GoE does not appreciate the “undisputable information shared with it by Kampala about the Al Qaeda operatives from Maghreb, of Moroccan national who were arrested in Dakar, Senegal en-route to ADF camps in Eastern DRC in July 2009.”

These were Bright Mohamed, Nadane Si Mohamed and Eladini Moulay Abdel Halim.

The trio had been issued with travel itinerary and contacts of the ADF by Omar Awadh Omar alias Abu Sahel, a Kenyan national, a member of Al-Qaeda East Africa and one of those arrested in the Al-Shabaab perpetrated July 11 2010 Kampala bombings.

Upon search, the trio were found with a Congolese number +243811863694.

Subsequent interview of the suspects revealed that, the above telephone number had been given to them by Omar Awadh Omar aka Abu Sahal, to contact the telephone number for the reception in DRC.

Intelligence also established that, the telephone number belonged to Benjamin Muhondo Kisokeraino, the in-charge of ADF Internal Intelligence.

Uganda government said it had earlier presented to the GoE information about one Miqdad Mohammed Saad (ADF collaborator), based in Kenya, who was communicating with Islamic extremists in Somalia soliciting support for ADF.

“The information provided included the email address he was using (nurushem@gmail.com) and also the person he was communicating to in Somalia (one Tariq alias Shaakir) who used telephone numbers +252618133729 and +25215652230. Miqdad Saad is a maternal uncle of Omar Awadh Omar,” reads part of Mugerwa’s letter, which Chimpreports has seen.

“One Abdallah Kasuja, the ADF bomb expert specialised in improvised Explosve Devices (IEDS) is one of the ADF leaders who received training in Pakistan and fought alongside the radical Mujahideen in Afghanistan against the Soviet Union in 1978. He has been instrumental in training ADF operatives in the assembling and use of IEDs for urban terrorism.”

Government further pointed out that credible reports have continuously indicated the presence of Al-Shabaab trainers in various ADF CAMPS in Eastern DRC.

“For instance in June 2013 one Mohamed Ali from Mobamsa, Kenya, linked to Al Shabaab was training a group of nice ADF rebels on how to assemble and use IEDs in Mwalika camps.”

UN fires back

UN said while it does not dispute that ADF has trained some of its fighters to fabricate and use IEDs, it questions Uganda’s claim that representatives of Al-Shabaab or other groups have provided this training.

Regarding links between ADF and Al-Qaida and Al-Shabaab, UN says it stands by its statements about a lack of evidence demonstrating links between ADF and foreign terrorist groups.

“The Group has not established such a link, and has consulted the UN Somalia and Eritrea Monitoring Group, which has also not found any link. The Group views the crude nature of the ADF IEDs examined by the Group as evidence of the absence of such links,” reads part of an investigation report by UN seen by Chimpreports on Saturday.

However, Uganda argues there is photographic evidence of provided by FARDC authorities showing corpses of two ‘Somali nationals’ who were killed when FARDC attacked a specialised ADF Unit as ‘Madina’ camp.

The two Somali nationals were identified to have been experts in the fabrication and use of IEDs by one of the ADF survivors of the attack, according to a military briefing by FARDC on May 7.

In the absence of any information that disputes the above demonstrated links, the government of Uganda maintains that there is a clear link between ADF and Al Shabaab/Al Qaeda.

This website understands a meeting was held between Uganda security services and GoE on use of the explosives where Kampala reiterated that ADF had employed them against FARDC in Eastern DRC and that quite a number of ADF fighters had received training in their fabrication and use.

“The government of Uganda is surprised that the GoE has continued to claim that it has not found any evidence relating to the training of ADF elements in the fabrication and use of IEDs in spite of the photographic evidence of IED materials recovered from the ADF camps by FARDC during the current Anti-ADF operations. This is addition to credible reports shared with GoE during their previous visits to Uganda in February and October 13,” the protest letter from Kampala adds.

In regard to ADF commanders lbra Baza, Kategaya and Asdarahaman Kabanda, Uganda intelligence is actively monitoring the activities of ADF in the region.

It is in this respect that credible intelligence obtained indicated that in 2013, the above ADF commanders went to Sudan for military training, specifically in handling SPG9 gun among others and returned to Eastern DRC in February 2014.

UN says whereas there were reports that Al Qaeda considered appointing Jamil Mukulu to replace late Haru Fazu as the A Qaeda leader for East Africa, there is no clear information about his position in the Al Qaeda hierarchy.”

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