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Will Museveni Arrest Mumbere?

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Some extremist fighters pounced on the minority Basongora whom they slaughtered with machetes.


This compelled security forces to swing into action to apprehend the attackers and their ring leaders.

Museveni said in a statement that some cultural leaders who believe Mumbere should be the only king in the region appear to have planned the raids that put Rwenzori on knife-edge.

The Kingdom’s Prime Minister, Noah Nzaghale and other high ranking kingdom officials have so far been arrested.

It is hugely feared Mumbere could be arrested if such a move is endorsed by President Museveni.

However, arresting a cultural leader of tens of thousands of people could plunge Rwenzori into turmoil and also radicalise his subjects to wage a rebellion against government.

This is the last thing Museveni would wish to see considering that ADF operates from the nighbouring areas of Rwenzori.

Turmoil in Rwenzori could be exploited by negative groups such as ADF to wreak havoc in Western Uganda.

Nevertheless, experts say this would give the Ugandan army an opportunity to officially deal with ADF from Uganda after DRC army failed to destroy the Islamist rebel movement.

A UN report released on Thursday showed that ADF central command remains intact despite attacks on the rebels’ bases by the Congolese forces.

With the situation normalising and key suspects detained, Mumbere is exposed as having masterminded or given a green light to the attacks in which scores perished.

Mumbere exposed

Politically, Mumbere’s clout has been dealt a huge blow given the negative publicity of his kingdom and arrest of his closest associates in the wake of the attacks.

Addressing the media on Thursday at his palace, Mumbere said he had received information that he would be arrested.

“In the morning I was told that police was coming to arrest me. This is the reason I dressed in military attire. I didn’t want to go as a civilian but as a soldier because it is my profession,” he said, adding, the attacks were carried out by “unknown thugs.”

“There are people who opposed the Obusinga Bwa Rwenzururu before it was recognised and some of them stopped the opposition (to the kingdom) while others have continued to oppose it and have become extremist,” said Mumbere.

“We suspect that even the attacks could have been organised by those same enemies. That is why the government needs to be very careful (as it investigates).”


While Mumbere claims his government did not take part in the attacks, Police spokesperson, Fred Enanga maintains suspects interrogated by police provided evidence to implicate the monarchy.

“Rwenzuru ministers were arrested after some of suspects earlier apprehended by security services revealed that there were training camps at the top of Mt. Rwenzori. The fact that these activities were taking place in their area is evidence enough that these kingdom officials knew about all the developments,” Enanga told journalists in Kampala at a press conference.

He added that according to information and leads from the suspects in custody, the officials are instigators of the attacks.

Chimpreports understands security has been investigating Mumbere’s recent public remarks of which some border on inciting violence.

Last month, Mumbere came out strongly to caution President Museveni against authorising the formation of more kingdoms.

Speaking at Mitandi SDA Church, Kabarole district, South Western Uganda Field, Mumbere said the granting of kingdoms created out of greater monarchies has caused tribal clashes and affected development.

Rwenzururu and Obudhingiya Bwa Bamba kingdoms were created out of Tooro kingdom.

The king was visiting Mitandi Primary School and his subjects living on the slopes of Mountain Rwenzori in Tooro Kingdom.

Mumbere said the creation of more kingdoms by the president has caused tribal conflicts thus breeding deterioration in cultural norms and values.

“When cultures start fighting each other, people live in panic, abandon work hence affecting social and economic development. I request president Museveni to immediately halt the creation and granting of more kingdoms because he has caused more harm than development,” charged the King.

The attacks occurred just a month after Mumbere’s remarks.

Speaking at the coronation ceremony of the Bamba leader recently, Museveni warned cultural leaders against rivalry.

“In the case of the Rwenzori region and Busoga, I appeal to you to stop the unnecessary rivalries among the cultural heads. You should always work out a win-win solution for the diverse communities in the respective regions,” said Museveni.

“No community is subservient to the other. Every community, big or small, was put here by God and must be respected. Anybody who cannot see this is in the wrong place.


Meanwhile, over 100 suspected attackers of security installations are undergoing intensive screening at Kanyamirima Army barracks in Bundibugyo.

Security services are investigating the role of suspected Rwenzururu kingdom youths called ‘Emango Za Rwenzururu,’ army deserters and elements of Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) in the attacks that swept through the Rwenzori districts of Kasese, Ntoroko and Bundibugyo on Saturday afternoon, over 90 people dead.

According to Rwenzori army spokesperson, Lt Ninsiima Rwemijuma, the screening exercise which kicked off on Tuesday afternoon is being conducted by Uganda’s military intelligence, Police detectives, ISO and legal experts.

Lt Ninsiima said, “Out of the 100 suspected attackers including those from Kasese, 55 were identified to have been behind the attackers. After the screening exercising, the suspects will be taken to the court martial to answer for their crimes.”

Lt Ninsiima further revealed that during their operations, security services recovered two guns from the attackers.

“An RPG gun belonging to Kanyamirima army barracks and another AK47 for the police were found. We are expecting to recover more guns as operations intensify,” he added.

He assured the situations is calm and under control.

“The business is now running normally and shops have opened in Bundibugyo district,” said Lt Ninsiima.

He called on the people of the three affected districts to remain calm and continue with daily normal activities, saying the army is providing peace and security.

Rwenzori regional police spokesperson, Bashir Bakari Muga said the attacks appeared to have been well planned and coordinated with a central command.

For example army sleeping bags, warmers, belts, water bottles and first aid kits, fuel and sharpened pangs were recovered in the impounded car on Monday, raising fears the masterminds intend to carry out more attacks in the area.

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