Inside Story: Woman Reveals Rwenzori Attack Masterplan

treatment geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 150%;”>However, visit this in his tour to the affected areas, the Minister happened to interview one of the arrested attackers whose names have not been revealed for security reasons.

Below is Hon. Kiyonga’s Interview with one of the attackers extracted from his statement issued on the floor of parliament.

While in Bundibugyo, I held a number of meetings and interviews:

“I met the senior leadership of the army and police, made a courtesy call on the mundingyaWaBwamba and interviewed the Deputy Prime Minister of the Obusinga Bwa Rwenzururu who had been taken in by the police and also with one of the women that was among those captured from the attackers.”

The woman I met was about 35 years old. Her story was that she had been captured by the attackers on her way from her garden on Friday July 4 which was a day before the attacks of Saturday.


Her brief history was that in 1997 when ADF attacked Bundibugyo she responded to the call by UPDF to join military training and she worked with the army for one year. However while working as LDU, she fell in love with a UPDF soldier and had a child with her in 2000.

Thereafter the husband now was transferred to Gulu. In 2003 the husband defected from the army and returned with his wife and baby to Mbale where he hails from. She did not find life easy so she returned to her father’s home in Bundibugyo in 2006 and has since lived with the parents until she got involved in this attack.

When I asked her if she had seen a witch doctor before coming for the attack, she told me she refused to do so because this was satanic and her experience in Gulu had taught her that witchcraft does not protect one against bullets.

She however indicated that in order not to provoke her superiors she accepted to carry some stuff in her pocket which was meant to be protection against bullets.

She revealed that while in the camp where she was taken on the Friday night she found about 150 other people.

The brief by the leaders in the camp was that the struggle was for liberation of the Bakonzo people from the Bamba oppression which was supported by the Central Government.

They were told that the mission on Saturday was to get 2 things; guns from Kanyamirima barracks and the police and money from Stanbic Bank.

She further informed me that some of the people killed in the attack were from her village and she believed that these had been undergoing training during the day for at least a week in a place she did not know until that Friday night.

On my asking, she told me the father’s name and that the father and sisters had mobile phones. And so I told her I wanted to ring the father. When the police brought me the phone the cell had died and so advised that it be charged. Subsequently I rang the father who corroborated her story in so far as the disappearance on Friday was concerned and her marriage to the UPDF soldier.

He also revealed he had lost a son in the attack and until I rang him and informed him about the daughter he thought that she too had died.

This lady’s story collaborated what the soldiers had told me about the attackers having used witchcraft to protect themselves against bullets.

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