Nambooze Demands Probe into State House Salaries

Her comment comes barely a day when Government spokesperson, drug Ofwono Opondo apologised for the incorrect salary list for State House which showed astronomical figures of salaries for State House staff.

viagra 40mg "sans-serif";”>The erroneous list, which indicated some workers at the President’s office earning as much as Sh 96m, was unveiled by Hon Cecilia Ogwal on the floor of Parliament on Tuesday.

Government spokesperson Ofwono Opondo told press at Media Centre that in compiling the policy document, the figures in monthly salary column had been mistakenly multiplied by 12, there by leading to exaggerated wage figures.

The error, he said, occurred during the process of uploading the spreadsheets into the Output Budgeting Tool (OBT) database.


“These errors were, however, pointed out to Parliament and each MP also got the correct version of the list through emails that they access on their iPads,” he said

Nambooze who is skeptical about the apology and the explanation by the minister for Presidency Frank Tumwebaze said the purported correction is not sufficient enough to nullify the claim.

She proposed that committee be instituted to investigate State house salaries and where evidence like Bank statements should be adduced.

The MP further called on the clerk to Parliament to “avoid being used by those in the executive to play dirty politics at the expense of the image of Parliament of Uganda.”

Nambooze’s call to the clerk to Parliament Jane Kibirge is based on reports indicating that the Ppresident’s office had written to her office claiming to have made the corrections in time.

The controversial lawmaker said even if there were errors in the statement, it could not have affected the entire payroll.

Gov’t Explains

However, Opondo emphasised that State House like any other government institution has its monies appropriated by Parliament and it follows the normal Public Service Salary Scales, save for a few who are appointed on a person to holder salaries.

He added, “Parliament has never cleared such astronomical figures for State House. There was an obvious error that was identified in time and corrected. It was unfortunate that some MPs chose to ignore the facts.”

Chimpreports also accessed a letter by Secretary to the President’s Office Ms Deborah Katuramu dated July 1, clarifying on the mistaken salaries of the staff on pages 126 -171 of Ministerial Policy Statement (MPS) for the Presidency.

The original MPS which was sent to all MPs on June 27 had placed the total annual salary requirement for State house at Sh. 84.7 billion instead of 7.2billion

Opondo expressed hope that the mistakes would not create a wrong impression and reassured the public that government would endeavour to provide accurate information as much as possible.

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