Opposition: Meager Salaries Fuelling Corruption in Civil Service

“Despite the astronomical figures, sildenafil dosage PDP has noted with concern that most civil servants in the country are earning meager payments which has continued to foster corruption and poor service delivery in the country,” said party president, Abed Bwaniika while addressing journalists in Kampala.

Bwanika said it is worrying to see civil servants who only earn about Shs2m as monthly salary owning expensive properties and investments which is indicative to the high corruption levels in the country.

“The salaries paid to civil servants are very little and it is believed that a lot of money is hidden in workshops and allowances which are far much higher than the salaries earned. This just fuels corruption were civil servants increase their earns by capitalizing on these areas,” Bwaniika explained.


He said these allowances should be translated into salaries causing civil servants to earn decent salaries.

“Government should review these salaries as a way of motivating civil servants so as to increase output and good service delivery.”

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