Analysis: Scolari Should Have Brought Robinho, Kaka

pharmacy geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 150%;”>But this wasn’t the case. The Germans with their superior organization had a better game plan.

order geneva; font-size: small;”>This could be seen right within the first 10 minutes of the game.

When the ball was within the Brazilian half, the Germans positioned 5 of their players within the Brazilian half these were Klose, Kroos, Ozil, Khedira and Muller.

Brazil couldn’t build from the back. The pressure applied by the Germans on the Brazilian defensive midfielders eventually told when they scored goal number two and three. (Fernandihno was disposed from the middle of the pitch).

Goal number one was a case of poor marking on the Brazilians and beautiful movement from the Germans.


The Germans also player long balls in the first half reaching out to players positioned between the defensive midfield lines of brazil. These were Muller,Ozil and Kroos.

The Germans created a single outlet of attack and this was on the right. They had done their home work because this was what Chile did against Brazil and indeed scored their equalizer from that right hand position. Where the Chileans chose to over load Marcelo and Hulk, the Germans chose to direct attack after attack through the same area.

The Germans would attract the Brazilians into Marcelo’s work area and then release the ball into the middle that would eventually find few Brazilian defenders in the center of defense. It was a brilliant tactic that Scolari could not detect.

After scoring the 5 goals the Germans started playing from behind and through midfield.

In the second half, Brazil introduced Ramires with Paulinho. They changed their shape. Oscar was pushed to the right, while the midfield now had three defensive midfielders in Gustavo, Paulinho and Ramires.

Paulinho and Ramires were allowed to push forward and this explains the early pressure the Germans endured from brazil. But this tactic was always going to have its setbacks especially if the Germans resorted to the counter attack.

Joachim Low then changed formation with the introduction of Schurlle for Klose. It meant German were going for the false nine. It also meant the defensive shape of Brazil had a new problem to think about. With the false nine the midfielders from deep are running into scoring positions. This explains why the two goals in the second half were scored by Andre Schurlle a midfielder.

The Brazilian team lacked creativity and inspiration from both the playing and coaching staff. It lacked leadership and was for long spells radar less. A team that relies on Oscar as the creativity force was always going to struggle.

Chelsea didn’t win anything when they chose Oscar over Juan Mata as their creativity player. Oscar has only scored two goals in 6 matches with over 560 minutes of play. Juan Mata scored only 1 goal with only 20 minutes of play in this World Cup. It was also an error of judgment for Brazil to abandon players like Kaka and Robinho with all their seniority and opted for the likes of Oscar and Hulk.

Overall the team with a better game plan won the game. But most importantly, the Germany approach to this world cup has Pep Guardiola written all over it. It’s right and fitting to say thanks to this man’s philosophy of football.

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