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EXCLUSIVE: Somali Man Arrested for Spying on State House, Parliament

Lord Tebbit said he hoped any inquiry would be conducted quickly into missing files which may be linked to child abuse.

Ninety percent of people identified in a tranche of communications intercepted by the NSA were ordinary internet users, shop not surveillance targets, analysis by a US paper suggests.

pharmacy geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 150%;”>Police spokesperson Fred Enanga told Chimpreports exclusively this afternoon about the man who is suspected to have been on a terrorist mission but declined disclosing his names and more details.

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information pills geneva;”>The Somali, Enanga said, was reported by a bodaboda rider from whom he was trying to obtain information about Parliament, State house the president’s office and their security details.

“You know we have constructed a sturdy civilian intelligence and there is much vigilance down there,” he said.

“The bodaboda man was concerned about how a foreigner could generate so much interest not in a shopping mall or a supermarket, but such high profile state installations.”


The suspect, according to Enanga, wanted to know where Parliament and State House were located and what it took to access them in terms of security.

“You don’t wake up in the morning and you want to know about these structures, and especially not in a foreign country. We believe that he was ill-intentioned and we are still trying to interrogate him,” he said.

The development comes days after another related arrest of an Eritrean woman named Mihret Berhane Tesfargiorgish and her 35-year-old son called Tedros Mebrahtu Sereke at a beauty centre at the Forest Mall shopping centre in Kampala by the Police Counter-Terrorism Unit.

The two were reported by people following suspicions over the body features of the female that appeared masculine while clearing her hand designs to enable the lifting of fingerprints to help support their Visa applications at the Canadian Consulate in Uganda.

They were however released on police bond having taken them through medical checks that proved both their sex and their profiles, verified for proof of origin, nationality, occupation, immigration, and passport details, contacts and purpose of stay in Uganda.

Enanga said the Somali who is currently being interrogated by the Police Special Investigations Unit and the Anti Terrorism teams, would undergo the same procedure and if found innocent, he would be released.

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