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DPP's Office a Living Hell – Otafiire

more about geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 150%;”>Speaking at the launch of work plan documents in Kampala this week, link Otafiire said it was brought to his attention that the directorate was overly understaffed and had only 20 vehicles to ply the 112 districts in the country.

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“How is it even possible that there is only one State Prosecutor at each district who has to confront 15 lawyers every week, and is expected by the public to efficiently answer to all their arguments,” wondered the Minister.

According to the Directorate’s Accounting Officer Mr Amos Ngolobi, DPP’s indicative budgets for the current 5-year Strategic Plan was 27bn (2013/13), 28bn (2013/14), 27bn (2014/15), 28bn (2015/16) and 30bn (2016/17).

“Clearly, this funding is insufficient considering a number of activities that we are undertaking including construction of dozens of offices around county and complementing our structures,” he said.

Minister Otafiire in response said such working conditions were unacceptable and committed to engage the Finance Ministry to enhance the directorate’s remuneration, manpower and facilitation.


The initiative, he noted, is also geared at bridging the wide disparity between state prosecutors and their colleagues in the private sector, which has for long been a big demoralising factor.

He also announced a looming computerized program that would help state attorneys access more efficient and dependable reports from police.

“Our State Attorneys are nowadays like railway stations: garbage in, garbage out. Because they are not in the scene of crime, their work is entirely dependent on the mercies of police. If police’s hands them wrong information, it will definitely affect the whole case and the final court decision.”

In the new arrangement, the minister revealed, a computer will be placed at each police station from which state attorneys will access raw police reports from crime scenes.

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