Weasel Blasts ‘Broke’ Former Manager Jeff

this help http://cmareno.com/wp-includes/registration.php geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 150%;”>They have been taking their wrangles to social media platforms like Facebook and the latest fight is between Weasel and Kiwa.

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Following allegations that Weasel alias Douglas Mayanja had written an apology to Kiwa, he (Weasel) took to Facebook to angrily rubbish these claims.

“I did not write to that poor guy called Jeff saying sorry. Please stop making up stories,” Weasel said.

He continued to say, obviously directing the words to Kiwa, “I fired you and you cannot do anything about it. Get out of my house, you don’t pay any bills and I am so tired of feeding broke guys.”

From the time Radio and Weasel sacked Jeff Kiwanuka as their manager, several fights and disputes have ensued.


Jeff was recently evicted from the Makindye based house they used to share and this just deepened the rivalry between them.

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