Mobile Money Charges to Be Raised Effective Next Month

generic "sans-serif";”>This is due to the government’s increase of 10% taxes on all mobile money withdrawal Transactions as announced last month by the Finance Minister while reading the National Budget for the financial year 2013 – 2014.

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clinic "sans-serif";”>Companies like MTN and Airtel have already announced this through a message to their customers on Wednesday this week.

“Dear customer’ due to the new 10% excise tax added on Airtel money withdrawals, new rates will apply effective of August 1st 2014” read the message to Airtel subscribers.

Many Ugandans have go adapted to using mobile money services to send and receive money from far areas which is more effective than the long distances to the banks and back, all in the name of making monetary transactions.

Different people, especially businessmen have commented on this as something that will affect the business community some saying that it will be too expensive for some people to use in their businesses since they target small profits.


Others say that this will mostly affect low income earners that make small transactions.

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