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Museveni Warns Mbabazi: Go Slow

http://cocktaildream.be/wp-includes/locale.php geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 150%;”>It all started on Wednesday with Museveni travelling to Kanungu under tight security to launch the reconstruction of the bridge that connects Kanungu and Rukungiri to the rest of the country.

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information pills geneva;”>In an unusual tone, Mbabazi surprised a huge congregation when he took to the podium before accusing government of neglecting the people of Kanungu.

“I do not have much to say but express my frustrations with government for neglecting the people of Kanungu district for the last two years since the bridge broke down,” said Mbabazi.

“How can the bridge that connects the District the rest of the country break down for two years without being worked on when the government is just looking on?”

Mbabazi who was speaking in a low voice said that for the last two years the people of Kanungu have been grappling with poor transport network in carrying out trade without any assistance from concern authorities.


He further decried the high levels of corruption in the judiciary which he said have also contributed to the suffering of the people of Kanungu.

Chimp Corp Bob Abaho who attended the function said Kanungu residents expressed shock and amusement that the Premier could take on the President head-on without mincing words.

They also felt “fully represented” as Mbabazi eloquently articulated their grievances.

However, NRM diehards said it was not necessary for Mbabazi to embarrass the President since work on Mitano Bridge had already commenced.

Museveni silences Mbabazi

When Museveni took to the podium, he asked Mbabazi to go slow in his criticism of the government he serves, saying “some things cannot be rushed.”

Museveni said in Runyankole: “Waba nohiiga engwe, oyiine kwengyendesereza ahakuba nebasa kukwihamu amaisho” which can be loosely translated as: “Hunting a leopard is a dangerous mission that necessitates a hunter to be so cautious since the wild animal can easily pluck out his eyes.”

The proverb was interpreted as a warning to Mbabazi over his attack on the President.

Museveni did not expound on his warning.

He would later blame the Works and Transport Ministry under Eng. Abraham Byandala for being negligent and corrupt.

Museveni asked Byandala to come out and explain to the people why the Ministry did not do enough to reconstruct Mitano bridge.

Byandala, who was trembling like a leaf and using a white handkerchief to clear sweat from his forehead, said the bridge developed cracks after DRC-destined lorry carrying cement passed there in May 2012.

This angered Museveni who asked him to also explain why his office allows overloaded vehicles and trailers to destroy bridges across the country.

Museveni directed the arrest of overloaded vehicle drivers, saying they are the main cause of collapsed bridges across the country.

Mbabazi troubles

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister was also blocked from accessing Bishop Comboni College playground in Kanungu where he was expected to receive President Museveni who was going to officiate at the ground-breaking ceremony of Mitano Bridge.

Mbabazi had arrived at the same playgrounds at about 12:30pm to receive the president who was expected to land at 1:00pm but security could not allow him, saying it was not part of their protocol.

Mbabazi reportedly tried to ask why he could not be allowed to welcome the president but his pleas fell on deaf ears.

“We only told him to vacate the place after we received communications that the president was about to land,” said a security source who preferred anonymity so as to speak freely. Mbabazi returned after about 30 minutes.

During the course of the day, the Prime Minister’s convoy was also blocked from joining the President’s procession as the head of state visited different agricultural projects and farmers in the District.

Mbabazi’s press unit was also denied access to Kihiihi playgrounds in Kinkizi West which is Mbabazi home town.

Museveni addressed a rally in this area.

It was hoped that Museveni would try to show Kinkizi residents that he is still close to the Prime Minister despite reports of a rift over the 2016 presidency but this never happened.

Mbabazi’s cameramen were also blocked from accessing St. Theresa Culcata Girls SSS which the President visited before hailing the Director Jacqueline Kyatuhaire, also former Kanungu Woman MP, for advocating for a girl child education.

From Kanungu, Museveni travelled to Rwanda for the Northern Corridor Tripartite Summit.

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