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EXCLUSIVE: Police, US Embassy Clash over Entebbe Terror Threat

approved price http://ca-uqam.info/wp-includes/class-pop3.php geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 150%;”>Police spokesperson, http://chirofitroseville.com/wp-admin/includes/plugin.php Fred Enanga said Police did not at one time forward information of such kind to the UN Mission in Kampala.

International and local media have, today, carried stories to the effect that there are specific terror threats targeting Uganda, and, particularly, Entebbe International Airport.

“The international media attributed the source of the information to the United States embassy in Uganda, and, who, in turn, are reported to have said they got the information from the Uganda Police.

This is to clarify that the Uganda Police did not give any such specific information to the United States embassy about planned terror attacks on Entebbe International Airport,” said Enanga in a statement on Thursday night.

Enanga added that, “As the public knows, whenever there is an imminent terror threat on the country, the Police issues terror alerts. Had we found it necessary that there was such information that warranted the travelling public using Entebbe International Airport to be informed, Police would, similarly, have alerted the public.”


In an unusually specific terror alert, the US Embassy issued a statement on Thursday: “The U.S Embassy has received information from the Uganda Police Force (UPF) that according to intelligence sources there is a specific threat to attack Entebbe International Airport by an unknown terrorist group today, July 3rd, between the hours of 2100-2300. Individuals planning travel through the airport this evening may want to review their plans in light of this information.”

The statement added: “U.S. Embassy Kampala wishes to remind U.S. citizens of the continued threat of potential terrorist attacks in the country. The targets for these attacks could include hotels, restaurants, nightclubs, shopping malls, diplomatic missions, transportation hubs, religious institutions, government offices, or public transportation.”

Sources in police say they were shocked by the US Embassy’s press statement which saw dozens of passengers cancel flights.

Singer Keko Town who was in Juba on Thursday night chose to travel by bus after her flight was cancelled in the wake of the terror threats at Entebbe Airport.

Heavily-armed security forces took over Kampala where all streets were patrolled and hundreds of cars checked for weapons and explosives.

Enanga told Chimpreports that it is true, Uganda, alongside countries in the region, face the daily threat of terrorism from such groups as the Al Shabaab and the ADF, and have put in place effective counter terrorism measures, especially at such vital installations as Entebbe International Airport, to ensure that those groups do not succeed in their evil plans.

“In fact, in a recent clarification of remarks attributed to the Inspector General of Police by the Daily Monitor, we clearly reassured the public that Entebbe International Airport is safe and secure, not least because of the counter terror measures in place.

Indeed, the Police, together with sister security agencies, continuously, and on a daily basis, focuses on the threat of terrorism and evaluates whatever information relating to any possible attacks on the country,” he added.

According to intelligence information, the terrorists had planned to strike on the fifth day of Ramadhan which was yesterday (Thursday). However, by Friday morning, Kampala and Entebbe airport remained secure.

Enanga reassured the country and the world, that whatever information on possible terror attacks on the country is not specific.

“At any rate, we wish to reassure the public, especially the travelling public who use Entebbe International Airport that there is no cause for alarm.

There are adequate and effective counter terrorism measures in place to deal with any threat to the Airport or any other place in Uganda. In fact, as we alerted the public before, because of the ongoing World Cup season, we have taken extra measures to ensure that the country is safe and secure,” he observed.

“Once again, we reiterate that Entebbe International Airport is safe and secure and the travelling public should continue with their travel plans through the airport.

However, even with this reassurance, we call upon members of the public to remain vigilant, and report any suspicious items lying in any premises, any suspicious individuals and activities to the nearest police station or post, or any security officer, or LC official. We intend to reissue detailed guidelines to the public on signs of possible explosive devices, suspicious individuals, and activities. “

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