Chameleone, Radio and Weasel in Spectacular Re-Union

more about sans-serif;”>Before Chameleone took to stage to perform, he stood up and enthusiastically embraced in turns his former foes and competitors Radio and Weasel as revelers loudly cheered and screamed.

Radio and Weasel both mentored by Chameleone broke away from Leone Island to start their own music line, the Goodlyfe whichs caused bad blood between them and their former leader and mentor. This bad blood led to a string of songs released from both sides taunting and ‘dissing’ each other and physical fights that would enssue whenever the two crews met at a clubs or function.

Chameleone, Radio and Weasel Perform at Club silk

At the unplugged show however, the recently reconciled Chameleone, Radio and Weasel were seen holding hands, laughing and hugging each other before they continued to perform the songs they have together on stage.

The artistes continued to assure their fans that they would not involve in any more fightsbecause they ground their careers.


Chameleone embraces Radio

The super talented trio that were great foes just a year ago also recently took to the studio and recorded a song together.

At the same event, BET and MTV nominees Radio and Weasel also acknowledged Chameleone for mentoring them, saying that they would not be where they are had it not been for him.

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