Suspended Meals at Makerere to Promote Prostitution – Opposition

this web geneva;”>According to Makerere University Administration, case students are to be given Shs4, diagnosis 000 to cater for their daily meals claiming that the University can no longer provide meals to students due to several other pressing issues to be addressed.

However, the DP Presidential Press Secretary, Fred Mwesigwa noted that the move is only aimed at torturing students since the amount of money suggested can’t even cater for a student’s lunch given the standard of living at the Campus and the neighboring areas.

In an exclusive interview at the Party headquarters in Kampala, Mwesigwa expressed worry over the likelihood of having students resort to prostitution due to lack of feeding as the major pull factor.

“We are going to see most girls joining prostitution, just because they are looking for what to eat; if government decided to sponsor these students, it should fully facilitate them and not lead them into such temptations,” Mwesigwa emphasized.

Mwesigwa added that this is very clear that Government has continued to jeopardize the country’s education system by giving priority to other issues other than prioritizing, the students’ welfare.


He noted, “Since the NRM government came to power, it has disorganized all education systems that were set up by the Obote Government for instance in 1997, the ruling Government introduced the cost-sharing scheme at Makerere University which made life at the university so difficult.”

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