Mystery Shrouds Ugandan Woman's Death in U.S.

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“Eva talked to me on Thursday, saying she was not feeling well. So I asked one of her friends there to take her to hospital but said she would be ok and that there was no need to worry about her health,” recounts Becky Nalugya, a sister of the deceased.

“So we thought Eva would be fine. However, she kept saying, ‘I am not feeling well. I am weak; I am not fine.’ But she didn’t go for a medical check up,’” adds Nalugya.

The worst came on Friday night with Eva’s health condition deteriorating. By Saturday, Eva was struggling to move her body in her apartment.

The old girl of Taibha School in Kampala was vomiting. She was dehydrated.


“Friends discovered that Eva had collapsed inside her room. They used master keys to unlock the door. An ambulance was called in but it was too late to save Eva’s life,” says Nalugya.

“Medics said Eva’s internal body organs had collapsed. Her heart was not responding at all. Paramedics rushed her to a hospital where she was put on life support system but died just 30 minutes later.”

The cause of the death remains unclear.

ChimpLyf understands the body has been released by the hospital to LA authorities who are investigating circumstances under which Eva died.

In Los Angeles, Ugandans have set up the ‘Taibha Fund’ to raise revenues to support the bereaved family transport the body back home.

Eva, who last went to Uganda in November last year 2013 for her father’s burial, had just finished her Master’s Degree in United States.

Mobile numbers have since been made public to facilitate arrangements for the funeral activities.

A one Chris Katalemwa in LA can be reached on 0016613351898 while friends and relative in Uganda are being urged to contact Becky Nalugya on 0701412458/0772412458 for more details about burial preparations.

Eva attended St Mary’s Primary School, Nabbingo.

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