FDC Oppose Changing Uganda's National Anthem

treat http://dan-caragea.ro/wp-content/themes/mesocolumn/lib/templates/feat-cat-meta-bottom.php sans-serif; font-size: 10pt; line-height: 150%;”>At their weekly press conference on Monday, viagra the party described government’s recently announced plans to enhance the national anthem, find as “criminal.”

Tourism Minister Ms Maria Mutagamba said last Wednesday that government would embark on a project to improve and modernize the National Anthem, with the aim of enhancing the love of the country amongst citizens and across the globe.

“This project of the National Anthem is for us Ugandans to appreciate the message in the anthem. We are not changing it but want to put the words in action, in drama, in acting, so that people associate themselves with it,” Ms Mutagamba said.

The project, she noted, would cost about $75,000 (Shs180m) and is to be spearheaded by renowned entertainer Alex Mukulu.

Any sort of attempt to tinker with the country’s anthem, however, FDC said, was tantamount to impunity and criminal.


Party spokesperson, Mr John Kikonyogo said government had various other ways of promoting tourism and nationalism than tampering with the anthem.

“If they are really concerned about tourism, how much money was apportioned to the sector in the previous budget? Why don’t they increase allocation to the industry first?”

“Our anthem is good enough already. It is one of the best in the world. It brings out the picture of Uganda, it is precise and a prayer in itself.”

Kikonyogo added, “You cannot force people to love their country, because that is inherent. Many times we don’t feel and act patriotically because we are disappointed by our corrupt leaders in government. That is what government should be working to resolve, not redoing the national anthem.”

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