Defence Breaks Silence On Kabamba Attack Plot

abortion salve geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 150%;”>These among others who have assayed toppling this government using military means, sick sick Kiyonga said, mind were making a big mistake of underestimating the country’s security machinery.

The minister said such individuals are being misguided by a false assumption that the UPDF’s numerous operations outside Uganda has left national security exposed and therefore vulnerable.

“Now you have these hopeless chaps who thought they could carry out an assault on our barracks in Kabamba. We got them and they will give us answers in court,” he charged.

“They think we are scattered across South Sudan, Somalia, DRC, and Central Africa Republic, countries and therefore over-stretched,” he said.

The suspects who are being held at Makindye barracks and appearing before the Court Martial have denied plotting an assault on the Barracks.


Prosecution alleges that the accused and others still at large between the months of February and May this year in the various places of Kampala, Wakiso, Masaka, Luweeo and in Nairobi Kenya, consciously omitted to disclose vital information about recruitment of people to engage into activities intended to prejudice the security of the defence forces by attacking the armoured warfare barracks in Mubende district.

Speaking to Chimpreports in an exclusive interview on Thursday afternoon, Minister Kiyonga said despite the extensive foreign expeditions, the UPDF is adherent to its primary role of protecting Ugandans.

“When we deploy outside, we calculate properly. It’s a scientifically worked out equation. It’s not a gamble, and that is why for all this time, you cannot mention one single negative incident that has befallen this country and can be attributed to our absence on foreign missions.”

He said that the NRM would remain committed to securing not only the country but, also the neighbours since their security directs impacts on that of Ugandans.

“In NRM we are religious people and our slogan is that when duty calls, you should not be found wanting. Those bad elements in South Sudan and Congo and C.A.R thought they could play games, but we shocked them when we showed up and put them to order.”

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