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Kiyonga: UPDF Soldiers' Deaths Won't Derail Somalia Mission

physician http://cgt06.fr/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/sync/class.jetpack-sync-module-protect.php geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 150%;”>Defence minister Hon Dr Crispus Kiyonga described the incident as an attack on democracy, http://chachanova.com/wp-includes/class-wp-theme.php “and highlights the fact that Al shabaab cannot be defenders of the people whom they purport to want to liberate.”

The death of the soldiers, Kiyonga said, would not compromise the army’s operations in the Horn of Africa, and reasserted the UPDF doesn’t plan to opt out of the war torn country before the Islamist militants are completely defeated.

Leaving Somalia at the moment, the minister observed, is equivalent to “burying our heads in the sand.”

“This is a group of people who blow up people in planes and markets not necessarily those who have offended them,” said Kiyonga on Thursday while addressing the media at Ministry of Defence headquarters at Mbuya.

“They in any case carried out bomb attacks in Dar-es-Salaam and Kenya in 1998. They also intended to attack us long before we sent a single soldier to the country. Their activities are aimless in nature, and our analysis is that for Uganda to be secure, wherever a terrorist is we’ll go for them instead of waiting for them to show up at our doorstep.”


The deceased soldiers were identified as WO II Baligeya Philip of Kaliiro, WOII Onzele Albert of Nebbi district, and Pte Ochaya Joseph of Pader.

Compensation of the deceased’s relatives, Kiyonga said, would commence right away, with each family entitled to $50,000 (Shs125m) as is the UN arrangement.

“Africa and the troops contributing to AMISOM will remain resolute to defeating the Al shabaab. Africa will continue to stand with the people of Somalia and our resolve to rid Somalia and the entire region of these terrorists will not be cowed by these cowardly acts.”

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