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UPDF: Kony Supporters Must Confess Sins

approved geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 150%;”>UPDF Chief Political Commissar Col Felix Kulayigye this week highlighted a number of occasions on which northern Ugandans had supported Kony’s activities on tribalistic grounds, visit web as was the case in other parts of the country which were affected by various conflicts.

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This tribalism-fuelled support to terror activities, said Kulayigye, would have an impact on the compensation, and truth-telling demands by the war victims.

Kulayigye was speaking at a War Victims Conference at Imperial Royale Hotel in Kampala, which chorused demands for government’s swift implementation of its compensation programs to the affected communities across the country.

They went on to call for establishment of a Truth Telling Committee for perpetrators of the violence which claimed hundreds of thousands of lives, to come out and own up their mistakes as a way of building reconciliation and harmonious living.

Kulayigye, however, noted that there wouldn’t be a comprehensive truth telling when some of the said victims openly supported the warlords in the conflict.


“Truth telling is going to be complex because the LRA and most of our conflicts have been tribal, except the ADF which was religious based,” he said.

He noted that individuals including religious leaders in the affected communities, sternly believed Kony was fighting their war and therefore held him as their hero.

“One of Kony’s Commanders for example called Amony sat at Atanga Sub county headquarters (Pader) and asked for children and they were brought to him. When people went to meet Kony in Garamba, it became a pilgrimage, like Mecca in Islam ,” he added.

He went on, “When UPDF Soldiers assembled in Achwa to attack Kony’s camps in Southern Sudan, an MP came here and revealed it!”

He elucidated that for truth telling to be successful, both the perpetrators and the ‘victims’ who actually supported the conflict ought to come out to confess their wrongdoing.”

“For us as UPDF, we have always come clean on the atrocities we committed and we are ready to be engaged. But the perpetrators in the public have remained silent. They must all come out and confess their sins or the process won’t be balanced and is bound to be fruitless.”

Meanwhile, the CPC warned the war victims against “suffocating their own compensation process by choosing to politicize it.”

“There’s is a tendency of politicizing everything in this country. They moment you choose to bring in party politics in your compensation demands, you lose the whole point. In the process, you even isolate your allies who would have wanted to support you.”

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