EXCLUSIVE: Odinga Protests Stoke Security Tensions in East Africa

about it geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 150%;”>Uhuru was set to participate in a series of conferences on leadership, viagra 60mg ending conflicts and building peace in Africa.

However, impeccable sources told Chimpreports that Kenyatta on May 20 received intelligence on the likelihood of intensified efforts especially through bombings, in Kenya.

A few days earlier, 10 people had been killed and 70 injured in a huge explosion targeting a minibus and a busy market in Nairobi.

Western countries were busy releasing travel advisories for their citizens, warning of increased terrorist attacks in Kenya.

The opposition CORD was also piling more pressure on Uhuru, threatening to hold massive countrywide protests with the view of impeaching him as President.


It was then that after holding a meeting with Governors led by the Council of Governors Chairman, Isaac Rutto, Cabinet Secretaries and members of the Commission for the Implementation of the Constitution at State House, Nairobi, that Uhuru directed his deputy William Ruto to represent him in Rwanda.

Uhuru would later take off time to meet his security chiefs on possible ways of containing a possible breakout of violence as the opposition prepares to give Raila Odinga a heroic welcome from a two-months sabbatical in United States.

Diplomatic sources have told Chimpreports that the situation in Kenya is likely to deteriorate ahead of Odinga’s return.

It is widely held that some western organisations are fuelling ethnic sentiments in Kenya to destabilise the entire region with the view of ousting four Presidents who are Yoweri Museveni, Rwanda’s Paul Kagame, Salva Kiir and Kenyatta.

With South Sudan grappling with a deadly ethnic conflict that has left thousands dead and Kiir’s government on the edge, violence in Kenya could aid extremist Islamist militants to build and fortify bases in Kenya and Somalia thus exporting terror to the region.

“Whoever is backing protests against Uhuru wants to see East Africa reduced to smouldering rubble,” said a source at the African Union headquarters in Addis Ababa.

“We know some people are not happy because the Chinese are the main beneficiaries of lucrative deals in Kenya, South Sudan and Uganda. These people want western puppets to lead East Africa to have access to the region’s natural resources but this will come at a terrible cost,” the source, who preferred anonymity so as to speak freely, added.

On May 11, regional leaders travelled to Kenya to join China’s Prime Minister Li Keqiang for the signing of an agreement for the laying of the Mombasa-Nairobi-Kampala-Kigali-Juba standard gauge railway line.

The huge railway line, which is expected to lower the cost of doing business in the region, will be built by China.

Li said China’s “cooperation with Africa is anchored on respect, equality and mutual benefit.” He also noted that “our cooperation has now grown to connect our development, minds and hearts

In Uganda, Chinese Company, CNOOC was the first to obtain the oil production license.

Discussions on the construction of a huge refinery are underway but for strategic reasons, the $2.5bn deal is likely to be handed to a firm from the East.

Russian firm, Rostec is competing with global oil giants Total and China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC) for the lucrative deal.

Sources say such lucrative deals being handed to the East continues to unsettle the west in a global rush for Africa’s natural resources especially oil, minerals and arable land.

Observers will argue the clash of economic interests between the East and West could play out in the Great Lakes region, leaving a trail of destruction.

Regional defence pact

“We have informed all concerned stakeholders that fuelling a conflict in Kenya will be suicidal. Uganda, Rwanda, South Sudan and Kenya are more united than ever before. Some people are playing with fire,” said the source who sits on a desk tasked by African Union to monitor security trends in the Great Lakes region.

Presidents Kagame, Kenyatta and Museveni in February signed a mutual Defence Pact at the end of the 4th Tripartite Summit at Commonwealth Resort, Munyonyo in Kampala.

Any aggression on any of the signatories to the pact is treated as an attack on all the three countries.

The pact demands that the three countries join forces in the face of a common security threat.

With Odinga returning on May 31, it remains to be seen how Uhuru will maintain peace and order in the country.

It should be remembered that Uhuru remains under the spotlight over the ICC indictments and any violent crackdown on CORD protesters could trigger an international backlash.


The ODM nominated Senator Elizabeth Ongoro was last week quoted by Daily Nation as saying President Uhuru had two weeks to call a national dialogue conference to address the ills affecting majority of Kenyans.

Ongoro claimed the Jubilee Government had failed to unite Kenyans as enshrined in the Constitution under article 10 and had instead, she alleged, embarked on a campaign to purge communities perceived to support opposition from Government.

“Kenyans are still watching but we would not want Kenya to go the way other countries like Egypt, Tunisia and Algeria went. The Jubilee Government must call for a national dialogue to address the problems facing Kenyans,” said Ongoro.

CORD further renewed calls to reconstitute the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC).

Tensions simmer

The Jubilee government is also not looking on idly as CORD threatens to hold protests in Kenya.

According to Daily Nation, senators and Members of the National Assembly led by Senate Majority Leader Kindiki Kithure dared the Coalition for Reforms and Democracy ( CORD) to hold the protests.

They said that they were able and ready, with their numbers in the two assemblies and support of Kenyans, to counter the plan.

The MPs said nothing negative sponsored by CORD against the President and Government institutions will ever succeed.

“Those who think they will cause instability and hold protests in the country, let them know that we are strong and we will deal with them accordingly,” said Mr Kithure.

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