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Thugs Defile, Murder Girl, 13

page sans-serif;”>Logose’s body was found in a 20 feet pit on May 12, check 2014 inviagra 100mg sans-serif;”> Walukuba village in Jinja district.

The suspects have been identified as Nelson Baganzi, Moses Kayira, Robert Aloro, Moses Nagudu and Yeko Isabirye all hailing from Jinja.

“We suspect they defiled Logose before they allegedly murdered her, but investigations under which she was killed are going on,” Apollo Kateeba, the Jinja District Police Commander said.

The deceased’s parents report that Logose on May 10, 2014, was sent to the market in Walukuba to get essentials, but she went missing for three days before her body was recovered in a pit metres away from Walukuba trading centre.

D.P.C Kateeba says that the five, if found guilty, will be charged with defilement and murder.


The five are currently being held at Nalufenya Police Station in Jinja.

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