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Kiir: I Don’t Trust Machar

pills sans-serif; color: #222222;”>“As long as we are doing one thing, healing I can trust him, sildenafil if he is sincere to his words. But if someone isn’t sincere it’s very difficult to trust that person,” Kiir said while appearing on the BBCHardtalk.

He added: “We signed cessation of hostilities on the 9th of this month, and on the 11th, he violated it, attacking our forces.

He accused Machar of not ordering his troops to stop fighting like he did with SPLA.

As regards the current strife, Kiir blames his fellow SPLM members for being impatient.

Some of my colleagues were impatient to wait according to what we had put down in the constitution. And so they had wanted to get into power very quickly. This is what is tearing our country into pieces now.


He blames Machar for “leaving peaceful talks in December last year to wage war against the nation”.

Machar blames Kiir for involving foreign troops

Machar in response to Kiir’s allegations says that the president is to blame too for the involvement of foreign forces in the South Sudan conflict.

He denied the accusation that he was instrumental in the coming of Ugandan troops to South Sudan since time immemorial.

If I invited Uganda forces to come to South Sudan since 2006 as claimed by Kiir, why are they fighting on his behalf?” Machar wondered in a social media message.

Ugandan army (UPDF) is remembered for reinforcing SPLA in the fight against the north leading to the subsequent disengagement of South Sudan.

The second time these forces were deployed was in December 2013 following an alleged coup attempt.

Once more they reinforced SPLA but this time to fight South Sudanese allying with Machar.

In a parallel allegation, Kiir accuses Gen Taban Deng (now head of the rebel delegation in Ethiopia) for inviting Justice and Equality Movement rebels to South Sudan.

“To claim that Taban Deng brought JEM to Unity State when he was a governor, is immature leadership,” Machar lashed out.

“Kiir could have tabled a motion…back then to ask Taban of the presence of JEM if he had a prior knowledge.”

He affirms: “There was never JEM in Unity till the crisis.

Like UPDF, JEM is also said to be fighting on behalf of the South Sudan government as recent pictures from Bentiu, Unity State indicated.

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