AMISOM Djiboutian Contingent Replaces Kenya Forces

case medical geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>AMISOM has noted the decision has been reached due to the growing allegations of civilian casualties against the Kenyan army in Kismayo since their arrival in Somalia in October 2011.

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recipe geneva; color: #222222;”>According to Somali government sources, a contingent of Djiboutian peacekeepers in Somalia will be deployed into the Southern port town of Kismayo to replace the Kenyan army that is currently managing the area.

The Djiboutian contingent will be part of new Djiboutian soldiers from Djibouti who will be deployed soon.

The deployment will take place as peacekeepers from Sierra Leone commenced to replace the Kenyan army in Kismayo.

Somali military official said the deployment is part of a fresh demand from Somali government which requested the African Union Mission in Somalia to replace the Kenyan army to more neutral peacekeepers.


The soldiers of Djibouti which is the third contributor of the AMISOM mission in Somalia operate in the central region of Hiran.

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