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Petition to West: Impose Interim Gov’t On S.Sudan

stomach geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>We are tired of hearing that the warring parties are being warned to “stop fighting or else they face fatal consequences”.

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When will these repeatedly uttered consequences be faced by the warring parties?

These warnings have never worked. They are instead being ridiculed by the warring parties.

Look at the way President Salva Kiir was jokingly telling his supporters at the Juba International Airport “Machar (Riek) and I signed the deal under duress”.

“I signed the agreement because the Ethiopian Prime Minister threatened to arrest us. He said if you don’t sign it, I will arrest you from here.”


To my disappointment, he also added that he did not want to greet Dr. Riek Machar until the Ethiopian Prime Minister repeatedly told him three times “peace, peace, peace”, and then he extended his hand to Dr. Riek Machar to shake it.

Are we seeing any kind of peace in these revelations by the president?

Now, there are numerous military confrontations in Bentiu and other areas despite the roadmap signed in Addis Ababa by the two warring principals.

This roadmap is not honoured because it was signed under “duress” and it will never be honoured given the revelations mentioned above.

If you are really serious and resolute, you should forcefully impose an interim president to take control of the escalating situation.

The foreign troops should forcefully be expelled from South Sudan by your forces because they are tenaciously causing a lot of atrocities.

The UPDF is uttering arrogant and deadly remarks as if it is the legitimate army of South Sudan.

The ongoing peace negotiations in Addis Ababa will not bear fruit.

They will only be kept going because the negotiators are getting their daily monetary allowances and lavish accommodation, not because something positive is going to be gained from these negotiations.

For your information, another atrocious factor which will not bring peace to South Sudan is the way government allied officials such as Gordon Buay Malek are still militarily campaigning despite efforts being made by the negotiators.

They have used this war as their project to get monetary rewards from the president.

These individuals are not serious about peace and do not listen to President Kiir’s orders and political advice.

They don’t care whether the president is in problems or not.

The good example was in April, 2014, when the president released an order that political post-holders should not use their military attires and titles while addressing the public.

But this very important legal order is not honoured. These individuals are anti-peace factors and should be arraigned.

Your esteemed power is needed to stop SSTV and other radio stations from airing atrocious comments such as the ones Malaak Ayuen has been disseminating.

Majorly, SSTV should not be used to malign other communities. These are sad happenings.

These televised campaigns are peace-wrecking and must be stopped brutally.

I have raised these issues because I am very much dismayed because our hopes for peace are being deprived of us.

We need an urgent help from you (Troika Countries), otherwise, there is no peace coming.

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