Gen Katumba: AMISOM Is Africa's Role Model

help sans-serif; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>Gen Wamala described the Peace keeping mission operations as one of the biggest success stories ever witnessed on the continent which every African ought to be proud of.

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He was on Tuesday responding to media queries on the progress of the UPDF in the Horn of Africa nation which has for years been ravaged at the hands of Islamist insurgents Al Shabaab.

“We have been encouraged not just by our successes in the field, but also by the responses of the natives. We are seeing many of them coming back to rebuild their county, and we together with our Kenyan, Burundian and Ethiopian brothers ought to be congratulated,” he said.

“We are now seeing new infrastructure coming up, such as hotels, schools, universities medical institutions: life is normalising fast.”

Katumba noted that unlike many missions which have been spearheaded by external efforts, this has entirely come from Africa and proved that the continent can provide solutions to its problems.


“This is something we have to be proud of as Africans, because it has really been our effort,” he said.

“This time the notion of African solutions for African problems has been brought from paper to reality on the ground.”

Wamala further noted that the Mission’s success could be used as a model on how to solve the rest of such challenges faced by Africa in the future, rather than waiting for support from outsiders, “who at times are not eager to come in to help.”

The successes, he said, have not been without a number of hitches, which have rather tended to be hyped up to conceal the achievements of the mission.

Commenting on reports that some soldiers have returned from Somalia complaining of unpaid allowances, Gen Katumba said this was a misrepresentation.

“No soldier who served in the AMISOM has not been paid their allowances,” announced the General.

“It’s only that for those coming back, their payments are by design delayed for 3 months.”

This, he said, was the process set to allow verifications and accountability to the funders of the mission.

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