AMISOM Air Raids Kill 50 Al Shabaab Insurgents

more about geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>“The latest airstrike on the group’s hideout killed more than 50 Al Shabaab insurgents, viagra approved ” AMISOM says a social media message.

According to the mission, the airstrike further debilitated Al Shabaab’s capacity to wreak havoc and terrorise innocent Somali civilians.

“The target was senior leadership and foreign Al Shabaab fighters in the outskirts of Jilib town in Jubba valley,” continues the message.

Of recent, AMISOM has continued a massive offensive campaign against Al Shabaab militants in a drive to end their terror and bring peace back to Somalia.

Last month, AMISOM and Somali army launched an attack on over 50 heavily armed Al-Shabaab terrorists driving them out of Baidoa town.


Earlier on, in an operation that lasted three days, Somali National Army backed by African Union forces captured the strategic town of Eel Buur town in Galgaduud region of Somalia.

The joint forces left Galgaduud headquarters, Dhusamareeb three days ago capturing a number of small towns on the way including; Ceel-lahele, Ceel-Garas and Ceel-Qoxle.

This came after the capture of Hudur, the regional capital of Bakool and an Al-Shabaab stronghold for the last one year.

AMISOM and Somalia forces dethroned Al Shabaab on March 10 after the terrorists melted away without putting up any major resistance.

Also in March, the Somali National Army (SNA) backed by African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) troops captured an Al-Shabaab stronghold, Buula Burde town in Hiraan region, bringing to six the number of towns liberated from Al- Qaeda –linked terrorists.

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