Ntoroko: MP Rusoke to Popularise Museveni Agenda

sildenafil http://chipinhead.com/wp-includes/registration.php sans-serif; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>NRM MPs countrywide have been carrying out consultation conferences with the NRM local council flag bearers on the Kyankwanzi NRM resolution of endorsing president Museveni as the sole candidate for the party come 2016 general elections.

Rusoke’s appointment follows complaints by the Ntoroko district NRM office to the President that they had been neglected in these organised meetings.

They requested that the President finds a neutral team in the district to conduct the meetings because their MPs are independents.

Most MPs concluded their meetings on May 15, which was the deadline but Ntoroko district has not had this chance to put in their views.

“Ntoroko district is represented by independent Members of Parliament who cannot explain to the people the achievement of NRM as a party, President Museveni and the Kyankwanzi resolution since they do not attend the party retreats.”


The district woman MP Ntoroko Hon. Jennifer Mujungu and the area MP Hon. Martin Mugarra Bahinduka are all independent.

Mujungu contested with Rose Mugira, her strongest rival on NRM ticket during the primaries but Mugira won.

Hon. Mujungu protested the results on claims that there was vote rigging and she came as an independent and went through.

In an interview with our reporter on Saturday evening on how she would conduct the meetings without interferences or whether she would go with these area MPs, Hon. Rusoke said she will meet Mr. Missachi Kawamara, the district NRM chairperson and see how to conduct the conferences successfully.

She added that, according to the schedule, they will start the exercise on Wednesday and after she will report to the president and government Chief Whip.

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