2021 RACE: Former Besigye Aide to Tussle Kahonda, Otafire in Ruhinda

The former Personal Assistant to Dr. Besigye, Kahemba Babi Sperato has declared interest in taking the Ruhinda County Parliamentary seat on Alliance for National Transformation (ANT) ticket.

Mr. Kahemba, 34, currently the proprietor of Kampala Pork Planet, told our reporter that Ruhinda County is currently faced with a huge leadership vacuum emanating from a political tension between the current MP, Capt. Donzio Kahonda Mugabe and Maj. Gen. Kahinda Otafire, the Minister of East African Community Affairs.

“The constituency and the entire district of Mitooma is completely engulfed in wars between Hon. Kahonda and Gen. Otafiire and the ultimate losers are the people who need services,” said Kahemba.

“Locals have significantly lost out on several developmental and social activities because of zero representation orchestrated by egoistic personal battles.”

Otafire lost to Kahonda in the 2016 general elections. The general however maintained his ministerial position heading the docket of Justice and Constitutional Affairs. Kahonda was imprisoned for months and people suspect Otafire used his powers against the opponent.

Kahemba says he wants to center his first 100 days as an MP on uniting the people of Ruhinda County and refocusing them to developmental activities aimed at improving the standards of living and human capital.

“Our people badly need a force to unite them and guide them to the path of prosperity. They have high spirits to develop but handicapped by poor representation,” he said.

Kahemba, a former Forum for Democratic Change activist and Dr. Kizza Besigy’s aide, is confident that given opportunity he can make the people of Ruinda accomplish their commercial faming potential.


He noted that he is also ready to team up with other Mitooma leaders and people in their various capacities to lobby and demand for national cake especially on jobs.

Kahemba has a degree in Guidance and Counseling from Kyambogo University and is currently doing Law at Islamic University in Uganda (IUIU)

He was also the National coordinator P10 during the 2016 elections.

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