2021 Polls: Police to Enforce Covid-19 SOPs in All Electoral Activities

Uganda Police Force has Friday said that it will enforce and ensure that the Standard Operating Procedures set by the Ministry of Health to reduce the spread of the novel corona virus in Uganda are observed in all upcoming political activities.

“We have noted that amidst this pandemic, we have heightened political activities that have been wrapped in this crisis. You cannot have an election without solving the health crisis. So it is important that we solve the health care crisis that can enable us have an election where the health of our supporters is guaranteed,” said spokesperson Fred Enanga in Kampala on Friday

As the joint security task force, Enanga said, they are going to police all political activities from a purely health perspective and they have instructed all security territorial commanders who form the district Covid-19 task Forces to adhere to the statutory instrument on political parties and organisations that was gazetted in July, 202o on the conduct of meetings and electoral activities.

He also backed the “timely address by the chairman of the Electoral Commission Justice Byabakama” about the electoral roadmap where he issued clear guidelines under which the election process is going to be conducted.

Nominations of candidates starting from local governments, Members of Parliament up to the President will take place on September 7, 2020.

“Going forward, these are parts of activities that we are going to police based on SOPs from Ministry of Health and we have instructed the district Covid-19 task forces to ensure that they copy the EC district registrars to be part of the task force so as to help them in policing the process,” said Fred Enanga

According to the security task force, this will help in joint inspection of all places where district committees and electoral process will be carried out.

Police says it will ensure that all selected areas have safety measures on social distancing, proper hygiene, hand washing facilities and that all people have face masks on.


There will also be additional security patrols and all checkpoints are going to be effectively manned and supported by technical teams including undercover investigators.

Enanga also revealed that other tactical teams shall be deployed under the Public Order Management Act to ensure the numbers of people are managed well.

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