2021 Polls: Opposition, NRM Face Off in Wakiso and Mukono

President Yoweri Museveni and his National Resistance Movement (NRM) party are currently holding three out of four Constituencies in Mukono, as well as the Mukono District Woman MP slot in the tenth Parliament.

The four Constituencies of Mukono, in addition to the district Woman MP Seat are; Mukono North, Mukono South, Mukono Municipality and Nakifuma County.

Four MPs from NRM; Ronald Kibule (State Minister for Water), Johnson Muyanja Ssenyonga, Robert Sekitoleko and Peace Kusasira are currently representing; Mukono North, Mukono South, Nakifuma Counties and Mukono District Woman MP respectively.

Opposition have only one slot; Betty Nambooze Bakireke formerly from the Democratic Party (DP) and currently in the National Unity Platform (NUP) and representing Mukono municipality.

In a bid to seize Mukono from NRM, opposition led by the NUP has fronted at least two candidates in each position, where NRM has also fronted candidates.

Mukono District

Mukono North

Abdallah Kiwanuka from the NUP will be challenging NRM’s Ronald Kibule, the State Minister for Water. Kibule was unopposed during the recently concluded NRM primaries.


Other candidates in the race are; Forum for Democratic Change’s Moses Bakubi Lukubila, one of the proprietors of Mpooma Royal College, Thaddeus Musoke Nagenda (Independent) and Isaac Drasi on Independent ticket. The major competition is between Kibule and Kiwanuka.

Mukono South

In Mukono South, NRM’s Robert Muyanja Senyonga will face off with two opposition candidates and one independent. In this particular Constituency, NUP fronted Wilson Male while DP fronted Fred Kayongo.

The two have so far been joined by Jamadha from Mugisha Muntu’s Alliance for National Transformation party. Though the major competition is between Senyonga and Male, political observers say that Senyonga has an upper hand in the race.

Mukono Municipality

Mukono Municipality is the only Constituency, which is being held by opposition’s Betty Nambooze.

The legislator next year will face four contenders from DP, NRM and independents. Her currently main competitor is her daughter-in-law Lydia Namayengo Njuba, who was denied the NUP ticket for Mukono District Woman MP Seat. Njuba accused Nambooze for failing her during the NUP flag race.

Other contenders are; the current Mukono Municipality mayor George Kagimu on DP Flag, NRM’s Abasi Ssozi and Richard Kasule alias Kamagu on independent card.

Nakifuma County

NUP denied comedian Patrick Mujuuka the flag to contest in Nakifuma County, which forced him to run as an independent. Mujuka and NUP’s Fred Ssimbwa will be facing NRM’s Robert Ssekitoleko.

Mukono District Woman MP

NUP denied Namboze’s daughter-in-law the NUP ticket for Mukono district Woman MP in favor of Hanifah Nabukera Luswata. Nabukera will face off NRM’s Nakavubu Margret who went unopposed, after the incumbent Peace Kusasira withdrew from the race during the primaries.


When Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine won the Kyadondo East Constituency 2017 Parliamentary By-Elections, the opposition geared up to grab the whole district and end Museveni’s dominancy.

Kyagulanyi, who stood as an independent defeated two contenders, Muwada Nkunyinji formerly of Forum for Democratic Change (FDC), who has since joined the National Unity Platform and Sebalu Sitenda, from the National Resistance Movement (NRM) to win the race.

The District which has six (06) Constituencies, four (04) Municipalities and one Woman District MP Seat is currently dominated by NRM, which is holding two (02) Constituencies, one (01) municipality and the District Woman MP Seat, in the tenth Parliament.

NRM is followed by the Democratic Party (DP) which has three slots — one (01) Constituency and two (02) municipalities. Both FDC and Independent have one slot each.

Denis Ssozi Galabuzi and Peter Ssematimba are NRM MPs representing Busiro North and South Respectively. Rosemary Tumusiime is the MP of Entebbe Municipality still on NRM ticket and the State Minister for Education Rosemary Nansubuga Sseninde is the Wakiso District Woman MP on the same ticket.

Sseninde will lead an NRM team in re-winning Wakiso

Former DP’s and current NUP’s Medard Ssegona, Musoke Nsereko Wakayima and Sempala Kigozi alias Sajja-lyabene, are representing; Busiro East County, Nansana and Makindye Sabagabo Municipalities respectively.

FDC secured only one position in the 2016 polls and this is Kira Municipality which is being held by the opposition Chief Whip and FDC Spokesperson, Ibrahim Ssemuju Nganda. The only independent position was won by Kyagulanyi who has since taken over the leadership of NUP.

NUP sent Jimmy Lukwago to contest against FDC’s Ssemuju in Kira

Like it was in Kampala, NUP card selection in Wakiso bred a number of independents, especially the incumbents. Kigozi of Makindye Municipality has vowed to contest as an independent, after losing the ticket to David Serukenya.

Khalid Ssimbwa who was also denied the NUP ticket in Kyadondo East County told his supporters via his official social media pages; “They have denied us tickets because we don’t have money but just as our president (Kyagulanyi) has been saying that we shall judge them by their actions, let’s wait for time, my symbol is a watch,” he noted.

With the inclusion of independents and party flag bearers from various political parties, the 11 Counties and municipalities will have over 40 candidates.

Wakiso is one of the Central region districts that president Museveni and NRM have targeted. He recently instructed his members to recruit five campaign agents in each village with a special consideration of Wakiso and Kampala Districts who have over 2.4 million voters out of the total 17.6 million voters who were registered countrywide, according to the Electoral Commission.

Out of the approximately one million voters in Wakiso, over 160,000 voters participated in the recently concluded NRM primaries, unlike Kampala where only 100601 voters participated out of the over 1.4 million.

Of these 24,496 were from Busiro North County, 10,960 from Kyadondo North, 10,816 from Busiro East, 9,575 from Busiro South, 7,522 from Kyadondo South, 6,011 from Kyadondo East, 5,149 from Kira Municipality and 5,238 from Entebbe municipality.

Who has fronted who and where?

Wakiso District Woman MP

The State Minister for Education, Rosemary Sseninde and the incumbent Woman MP of Wakiso District, has led the NRM team to not only re-secure the five slots they are holding but also win the remaining six.

Sseninde, who beat her only competitor Rose Kigonya in the recently concluded NRM primaries, will be facing off with NUP’ Betty Naluyima.

Sseninde scored 78,671 votes while Kigonya got 7,347 votes. Naluyima is among the DP members who defected to NUP in August.


Kira Municipality

Kyagulanyi and his young brother Yawe who was dropped from Kira MP Race

In Kira municipality, the incumbent and FDC’s Ibrahim Ssemuju Nganda will be faced by both his fellow opposition members and a candidate from NRM. NRM’s Emmanuel Katumba, defeated his four contenders during the primaries.

NUP has also fronted Jimmy Lukwago who won the party ticket against Kyagulanyi’s young brother Eddy Yawe. The three are so far the candidates who have expressed interest for running for this post.

While appearing on 89.2 Emanduso radio recently, Semuju condemned what he called NUP’s poor strategy of fielding a candidate in every position, which they come across.

Busiro North

Former Vice President, Prof Gilbert Bukenya was for the second time defeated by the incumbent Busiro North legislator and his party colleague, Denis Ssozi Galabuzi to reclaim the NRM flag. Bukenya has since declared his intentions of running the MP of the same Constituency, on an independent ticket in 2021.

Galabuzi polled 16,643 votes, followed by Bukenya, with 7,642 and Daniel Kyabanyize trailed with 211 votes.  Bukenya and Galabuzi, will be facing off NUP’s Paul Nsubuga.

Prof Bukenya to run as an independent in Busiro

Busiro South

Peter Sematimba the incumbent, defeated his two competitors in the primaries to reclaim the party ticket for the 2021 polls. In the primaries, Sematimba polled 9,075, followed by Ronald Senyonde with 440 votes and Titus Kiwanuka trailed with 60. He will face off with NUP’s Charles Matovu

Busiro East

In Busiro East, NRM has fronted Male Najib Kakinda who won the ticket, after defeating contender Mary Sendring. Kakinda scored 8,713 votes, while Sendring got 2,103 votes.

Kakinda will be facing NUP’s Medard Lubega Ssegona, the incumbent. Ssegona is among the DP candidates, who defected to NUP in August.

A collage of Kyagulanyi and some of the Wakiso Constituencies MP aspirants

Nansana Municipality

In Nansana, NUP’s candidate, Wakayima who defected from NRM, will face NRM’s Kasule Sebunya.

Entebbe municipality

Steven G Kashaka defeated his five contenders in the recently concluded NRM primaries to win the ticket. Kashaka scored 2,970 votes, followed by Rose Tumusiime with 1,250, Patience Mubangizi got 239 votes, Madina Zalwango scored 583 votes and Florence Tukei got 196 votes.

Kashaka uprooted Tumusiime who is the incumbent. He shall face NUP’s Micheal Kakembo, who was defeated by Tumusiime in the 2016 general elections.

Makindye Sabagabo Municipality

Sempala Kigozi alias Sajjalyabene, the incumbent will come on an independent ticket, after being denied the NUP card in favor of David Serukenya. A section of politicians has termed Kigozi’s card denial, as one of the biggest mistakes that have been made by NUP and Bobi Wine.

Kigozi who has since petitioned the NUP Elections Management Committee accused them of corruption and if all goes bad, he will contest as an independent.

Kyadondo East County

After Kyagulanyi withdrawing from the Constituency and opting for the Presidency, he left the position blank, opening chances for other contenders.

The competition will be among NUP selected candidate and the ones who were denied the party cards. Lawyer Muwada Nkunyinji who won the ticket will be facing the ones who were denied; Tonny Sempebwa and Khalid Simbwa.

Upon announcement, Simbwa said, “I knew it from the start that he will be given that ticket because he splashed a lot of money, but what I am going to do is to come as an independent and the ground decides.”

NRM has fronted Pius Mujuzi, who defeated his five contenders to win the ticket.  Mujuzi scored 3,374 votes, Sitenda Sebalu who was among the candidates who were defeated by Kyagulanyi in 2017, Patrick Kigonvu scored 124 votes, Bruce Muganda got 217 votes, Anthony Lubwama scored 295 and Steven Sewanonda got 489 votes.

Kyadondo North and South

Current data indicates that only NRM has candidates in the two Constituencies of Kyadondo North and South.

According to the results of NRM primaries that were concluded recently; Robert Sebunya Kasule defeated only contender Rashid Ssekyewa to win the flag for Kyadondo North. Sebunya scored 7,409 votes while Ssekyewa got 3,551 votes.

In Kyadondo South, Frank Kyazze was declared the NRM flag bearer, after defeating his contender Godfrey Mbigiti in a landslide victory. Kyazze got 7049 votes while Mbigiti scored 121 votes.




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