2021 Polls: A Glance at the Five Points in Bobi Wine’s Manifesto

Uplifting the working conditions and the standards of living of teachers, health workers, security personnel and promotion of informal sector, headlined Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine’s promises as he launched the National Unity Platform party (NUP) 2021-2026 manifesto at Kakyeka stadium in Mbarara on Saturday.

Kyagulanyi at the event, rolled out the manifesto of “five critical points” which he said are not mere promises but rather action points which they (NUP) believe can and shall be achieved. These points are; Education, Health, Security, Agriculture and Rule of Law.

“Our promise to the teachers of Uganda is that we shall prioritize their welfare. Teachers must not wait for three months to be paid a salary that is not even enough to pay school fees for their own children. Teachers should be respectable citizens. Our government will ensure that teachers earn a decent salary, that they live in decent accommodation and have access to meaningful benefits when they retire,” he said.

His government, he said will discourage labor migration to prevent hundreds of health workers leaving the county for greener pastures.

“Their work will be respected and rewarded by the government. My mother was a mid-wife therefore I understand the challenges mid-wives go through,” he said adding,

Re-echoing his earlier promises to the security forces; the Uganda People’s Defense Forces (UPDF), Uganda Police Forces (UPF), Uganda Prisons Services (UPS) and the Local Defense Units (LDUs), Kyagulanyi said there was no reason why soldiers should live in dilapidated houses, in many cases without running water or even electricity.

“When you look at the conditions of the police stations across the country, you wonder why these police officers, which the regime relies on to keep in power against the will of the people, are treated with so much disrespect.”

UPDF, UPS, UPF and LDUs officers he said “live like beggars even when they do a lot of work,”


To these, he promised to start by elevating they pay to a minimum of 1 million shillings with immediate effect.

Kyagulanyi is hoping to use the funds he said are “stolen in form of classified expenditure” to improve the welfare of the security personnel.

“I have said it before that the majority of our police officers and soldiers are good people and decent citizens. Even when they are sent to beat and kill us, many of them do not like beating us. Therefore, we must commit to improve their welfare and in turn demand them to respect the rights and dignity of the citizens,”

On informal sector which employs over 80% of the population, Kyagulanyi promised to value their work with abundancy.

“We shall ensure that the taxes imposed on businesses are reasonable and once collected, those taxes must be put to the right use. Our promise to the local investors is that we shall treat you the same way as we treat foreign investors. In this way, domestic innovation projects will be supported with business accommodation for a limited period. They will get tax waivers and energy subsidies.

On issues of farmers, Kyagulanyi said his government focus on sourcing for the right in-puts, encourage and support their cooperative unions.

“We shall source for regional and global markets for Uganda’s agricultural products, and we shall strive to make our products competitive on the world market. Many farmers have lost cows, while those who specialize in crop production have been disadvantaged in many ways. We must be more innovative and change the way things are going,”

Kyagulanyi also promised the Ugandans in Diaspora a better government and country, which you they will all be very glad to return to.

“We are committed to finding opportunities for all professionals. We are committed to improving the lives of persons with disability and ensuring their full inclusion in national development. We are committed to fostering gender equality in the economic, social and political spaces. Women and girls must have the same opportunities as men and boys to contribute to national development,” he said.

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