2021 Polls: A Deep Dive into Bugisu Region’s Parliamentary Battles

On Thursday and Friday (October 15 and 16) this week, different candidates who have intentions of representing their Constituencies, Districts and Cities in the 11th Parliament will be presenting their credentials before the Electoral Commission so that they are nominated.

Bugisu region will also be sending its representatives but unlike in the 10th Parliament where they have only 16 Members, in the 11th one, they will have 24 Parliamentary representatives, after the creation of more Constituencies, Divisions and Operationalization of Cities by the government.

Like in most parts currently, the NRM is the dominant party in Bugisu Sub Region, holding majority of the Seats (11), followed by Forum for Democratic Change (FDC), with 3 and two independents MPs.

NUP’s president Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine and his counterpart of the Alliance for National Transformation (ANT) Gen Mugisha Muntu have often stressed that uprooting President Museveni starts with denying him majority MPs.

As such, NUP has fielded candidates in at least 90% of the Seats in this region.

There is also concern that the wrangles that broke out in NRM due to its primaries may cost them a number of seats, after dissatisfied camps decided to come as independents in the general elections.

NUP however, registered fewer casualties in the ticket clash in Eastern Uganda as compared to Central.

Some of the 2021 Bugisu Parliamentary Aspirants


So far, about 80 contenders have geared up to contest in the 24 Parliamentary Seats in Bugisu. Out these there is at least one NRM, NUP, FDC and two or more independent candidates in each race.


Mbale city now has a total of six Parliamentary Seats

1 City Woman MP

After a month of a wait since September 4, NRM finally declared Lydia Wanyoto Mutende as its candidate, after beating the incumbent Woman MP, Connie Nakayenze Galiwango with over 15,000 votes. Wanyoto Scored 36,281 and Galiwango got 19,113 votes.

Galiwango has since declared that she will be coming as an independent in the general polls.

The two have been joined by the former FDC die hard Masibo Nadunga who crossed to NUP and secured its ticket. Nadunga is remembered in the 2011 general elections where she gave Galiwango a headache.

The major competition in this place will be between all the three candidates.

Northern Division

Five candidates have so far lined up for this position; Paul Wanyoto (FDC), Ivan Masaba (NUP), Seth Wambede (NRM), former Mbale RDC Umar Nangoli (Indep), current Bungokho North MP, Sizomu Gershom Wambede and Imaan Magala (Indep).

According to political analysts, the major battle will be between three candidates; Masaba, Nangoli and Wanyoto

in urban areas and Wanyoto from FDC.

Industrial Division

Here, NUP fronted Ivan Masaba to battle with NRM’s John Wekesa Wamboga. Wamboga was an NRM flag bearer of Mbale municipality during the 2016 polls and was defeated by the incumbent Jack Wamanga Wamai, who has since retired from active politics.

The two will face Isaac Nabende from FDC who defeated his counterpart during the tightly contested primaries. Nabende got 150 votes while his opponent Matanda Wokuri scored 54 votes. There will be a tight competition on this seat since all the three candidates are on ground.

Bungokho Central

Here, State Minister for Trades and Cooperatives Michael Werikhe Kafabusa was defeated by a youthful Richard Wanda in the NRM Primaries.

Kafabusa had served as the MP Bungokho South since 1996. By the time of compilation of this report, NUP had not declared its candidate in this position since it had put the position into reevaluation.

Bungokho South

NUP fronted Godwin Masifa to battle NRM’s Robert Wandwasi, who humiliated the Mbale District chairman, Bernard Mujasi, during the primaries. Wandwasi scored 17,073 while Mujasi got 17 votes.

7 Mbale District Woman MP

NRM fronted Annet Florence Musoya who will be battling with NUP’s Judith Kakai. This position is not very competitive since all the two are new political entrants.

(II) Sironko District

Budadiri West

The battle will be in this Constituency. The incumbent Nathan Nandala Mafabi, FDC’s general Secretary will be taking on NRM’s Wambaka Kosea. Mafabi has a held this Seat for over 20 years. The two will be joined by NUP’s Ronald Mafabi.

Budadiri East

Vincent Woboya, the incumbent was re-elected as the NRM flag Bearer for this particular Constituency for the second time. He will be facing NUP’s David Woniala.

Sironko District Woman MP

The major battle in this position will be between the two NRM primaries candidates; the incumbent Florence Nambozo Mayoga and Aisha Nabulo Mafabi. Nabulo defeated Nambozo in the primaries and she (Nambozo) refused to accept the results and declared her independence candidature. The two will face off with NUP’s Aisha Nakayenze.

Bududa District

Manjiya County

This is being held by the former NRM’s John Baptist Nambeshe, who has since crossed to NUP. He is currently the Deputy President of NUP in charge of Eastern Region. He will face NRM’s Moses Mukhobe.

Lutseshe County

Isaac Madoi defeated the incumbent Godfrey Watanga, to win the NRM flag for this county. NUP will also be represented by Robert Masika in this position.

Bukyigai County

It is one of the newly created Counties and will have only new political faces. NRM has fronted David Wakikona who beat his opponent, Wison Watira the Bududa District Boss to scoop the flag.Wakikona got 6,160 votes while Watira scooped 2,918 votes.

NUP had not declared their flag bearer by the rime of the compilation of this report.

Bududa District Woman MP

Justine Khainza who has been re-endorsed by the NRM Election Tribunal will hold its flag for the second time. She defeated her opponents; Aisha Khainza, NTV’s Agnes Nadutu, who have since complained that the polls were marred with corruption, something which the Tribunal rubbished.  She will face off with NUP’s Irene Masangah Buteme.

Namisindwa District

15 Namisindwa County

NUP fronted Ouma Dickson Ouma to battle with NRM’s Apollo Masika in this constituency. Masika is the incumbent MP in this Seat, the two will be joined by a number of independents,

Namisindwa District Woman MP

Sarah Kayagi Netalisire beat her competitors; incumbent Grace Namukhula Watuwa and Lydia Nabwire to win the NRM flag for this position.  NUP had not decided on their candidate in this position.

Manafwa District

17 Bubulo East

NUP has fronted Robert Wosere to battle NRM’s Richard Mataya in this new constituency. The two will battle to take over the seat that has been thrown by Masika who has gone for Namisindwa County.

Bubulo West

Christopher Werikhe from NRM will be facing off with NUP’s Nathan Wetaka. These two will be faced off by a number of independents.

Butiru County

NUP has fronted Samuel Joy Yiga to battle with Godfrey Matembe Wakooli from NRM and other independents.

Manafwa District Woman MP

Dr. Mary Gorretti Kitutu, the Minister of Energy and Mineral Development (MEMD), the incumbent defeated her counterpart Rose Mutonyi, the Bubulo East incumbet to take the NRM flag Bearer of the same position. Dr. Gorretti scored 46,851 votes while Mutonyi got 18,462 votes.

Bulambuli District

NUP had only declared one candidate out of the four parliamentary Seats in Bulambuli District by this report’s compilation time.

NRM had fronted Isaac Katenya for Bududa District MP, Mudimi Wamakuyu for Elgon County MP and Gerald Nangoli for Elgon North County Mp

Bududa District Woman MP

Former Minister of Energy and Mineral Development (MEMD), Eng. Irene Muloni in a landslide victory reclaimed her NRM ticket for this position.

Muloni scored 60,592 votes beating her only competitor and incumbet, Patience Nambozo who scored 5,304 votes.

Muloni will face off with Scovia muduwa, who have been fronted by NUP.


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