2021: Museveni Cautions Political Contenders on Tribalist Talk in Campaigns

As 2021 general elections draw closer, President Museveni has said that politicians who involve tribes and religion in politics are enemies of this country.

Museveni, who on Saturday was speaking from Gulu district in Acholi sub region where he has been for the past four days launching various multi billion projects including Atiak sugar factory, said people should be united.
The President noted that no tribe in Uganda makes 30% of the entire population, adding that when the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) Government took power in 1986, it focused on uniting the Ugandan people.
“We insisted on unity of the people of Uganda and focused on solving their problems because their problems are the same. Anyone who talks tribe or religion in politics is an enemy. I am happy that Ugandans have listened to us,” he said.
This he said was the reason why NRM has been winning the elections by landslide.
“We got 75% in 1996, we got 78% in 2001, in 2006 we went down to about 59%, in 2011 we went back to almost 70% (68%), in 2016 we got 62%. All that shows that majority of the people are united. If they were not united, we would not get that percentage. There is no tribe in Uganda which is 30%, there is no religion in Uganda which is 40%.”
Making a comparison with the time of Uganda’s Independence in 1962 when stronger political parties were graded on the number of parliamentary seats, Museveni said no party ever scored more than 40% unlike NRM that has been scoring more than 60%.
The strongest political party at the time of Independence, the Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) got 37 seats, Democratic Party (DP), 24 while Kabaka Yekka which went on to form an alliance with UPC got 21 seats.
“If you calculate, you see that non of them got 40%. For more than 30 years, NRM has been getting over 60%. We (NRM) go with the line of issues, not line of identity,” said Museveni.
Museveni said that his Government has formed the best army in the Ugandan history.
Regarding the market for produce especially agricultural products, Museveni tasked farmers to ensure production of good quality products given that there is surplus which can be sold to regional and international markets.
He for instance said that Uganda produces 5 million tonnes of maize but only 1 million is consumed internally.
“The surplus must be sold either in the region or outside. It is the same for sugarcane. We are producing a lot of sugarcane and sugar in Busoga. For sugar, we are producing more than 500,000 tonnes and the consumption is about 360,000.”
He added that milk is produced in surplus which has in turn suffered lack of market inside Uganda.
Uganda, he said, produces 2.6 billion liters but Ugandans only consume 800 million liters, making a surplus of 1.8 billion liters.
“For the time being, we shall have to depend on the external and regional demand. But in order to access the regional markets, we must ensure the quality is good. In the last season, our people were stuck with maize and I got market in Algeria. The Algerians were ready to take all the maize but they had one condition, there should be no aflatoxins which come from moulds,” he said.
Museveni added that Algerians were also willing to import Ugandan milk, provided there has been no case of foot and mouth disease in Uganda in the past 12 months. But with the smuggling of cows from neighboring Tanzania which Museveni said imported foot and mouth disease in Uganda, crippled the importation of milk to Algeria.
“If we solve the problem of quality and make sure they our price is comparable, the market in the world is big. We must have cheap and safe products,” he added.
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