2021 Elections: Another Lady Expresses Interest to Stand for Presidency

Nancy Kalembe has joined the list of women who have openly declared their intentions to stand for the Presidency of Uganda in the forthcoming 2021 elections.

On Friday, July 3, a lady who has not been popular among Ugandans officially wrote to the Electoral Commission informing them of her intention to stand, at the same time seeking for guidance on her nationwide consultation program.

“My name is Nancy Kalembe, I am an adult with all the necessary qualifications to stand to seek high office as per the constitution of the Republic of Uganda and the law therein,” stated Kalembe.

She revealed that she will be standing as an independent candidate.

“In light of the above declaration, I kindly request that I be guided on the way forward on the nationwide consultation exercise that is required and the acquisition of the requisite signatures from the electorate as a condiment for my candidature,” she added.

Other ladies that have shown interest in contesting in the race include Darlene Kamusiime and Grace Kabarungi.

In the past two weeks, Charles Rwomushana and Church Minister Robert Kabuleta also expressed interest to stand for Presidency in 2021 General Elections.

Meanwhile, the increasing number of Presidential hopefuls has left many people wondering how the 2021 Presidential Election ballot paper will look like.


“Looks like we are spoilt for choice,” one of the voters awaiting the 2021 elections chipped in.

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