2021 Elections: Amuriat Calls On Religious Leaders to Pray for Peaceful Polls

Opposition Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) Presidential Candidate Patrick Oboi Amuriat has urged religious leaders to join other Ugandans in interceding and calling for a free and fair election as the 2021 general polls draw closer.

He made these remarks while celebrating mass at St. Phillips Church of Uganda in Moroto Town on December 13, 2020.

Speaking on Sunday, Amuriat, who is due to appear before the Electoral Commission (EC) today, intimated that the clergy’s intervention is necessary to aid in preventing the country from sliding into anarchy.

“If we do not handle this election well, the country might go up in flames. Your prayers are powerful and can help us maintain ourselves and protect us as we go into this extreme dangerous jungle. Pray for us as candidates so that we are not in harm’s way,” he said.

On the other hand, Amuriat implored all religious denominations within the Karamoja region to add their voices to change seeking actors for a better Karamoja and the country at large.

“Karamoja has lagged behind, poverty indexes show that Karamoja is the poorest in this country and therefore you and I have the responsibility to bring change to this region. I want all religions to call upon the elites in Karamoja to be part of this crusade as we take over the reins of power in this country after 35 years of continuous distortion,” he added.

After prayers Amuriat attempted in vain to address rallies within Moroto Town where he was blocked by Police under the direct command of the Moroto Region Police Commander Francis Chemusto.

Watch Amuriat’s scuffle with the Police in Moroto here https://youtu.be/fmmc-taJkuA


He was later allowed to proceed to Kotido District where he addressed successful rallies at Panyaranga village, Napumpum Sub County. In Kotido Municipality, Amuriat was gifted with a pair of tyre sandals locally known as “Lugabiire”.

The FDC Flag Bearer is today, December 14, 2020 expected to campaign in Kaabong and Karenga before heading to Kampala’s Kawempe and Nakawa Divisions on Tuesday.

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