2020 Comeback: Bad Black Ventures into Music, Again

One of Uganda’s snapchat queens Shanita Namuyimbwa aka Bad Black has returned to the music business years after her flopped singles earned her less than she expected.

Bad black has signed two new upcoming artists called Ivan Data and Chord One and she will be supporting them to become ‘big names’ in Uganda’s music industry.

According to Bad black, she made thorough research before signing the two artists.

“I decided to take on Ivan Data and Chord One because they have been in England and I am sure they are disciplined. These two are talented and their music is unique. That is what got me interested in signing them,” Bad Black said.

In 2016, Bad Black released a song called “Mad Guard” but never released any more music after that.

Although she will not be singing herself, she will be supporting the two artists because she believes in their talent.

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